Forvm Wine Vinegar 500mL

A Culinary Cult Favorite from Spain

Forvm (also known as Forum or Forvum) wine vinegars are a beautiful marriage of sweetness, acidity, the flavours extracted from its Catalonia grapes and its unique terroir.

Add a touch of special to the everyday dish with this cult favorite of culinary kitchens worldwide, including the historic Michelin 3-Star restaurant, El Bulli.

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Coveted by culinary chefs from more than 34 countries, Forvm creates its beautiful concoctions by reducing grape must and vinegar which is then aged through the Spanish solera process (a traditional system of ageing employing a gradual blending of multiple vintages or ages of vinegars over the course of years).

  • Forvm Cabernet Sauvignon Vinegar: A delicate red wine vinegar made from cabernet sauvignon grapes aged in oak barrels for 8 years. This balanced vinegar is crisp and smooth with deep, earthy notes of chocolate and toasted oak, with a balanced sweetness and a more rounded profile brought about by the addition of grape must.

  • Forvm Chardonnay Vinegar: A soft and sweet white wine vinegar made from Catalan chardonnay grapes aged in barrels of chesnut and oak for 3 years. This vinegar highlights a smooth texture and a bright, tart taste with notes of pineapple, tropical fruits and zesty citrus distinct with Spanish Chardonnay wines.

  • Forvm Merlot Vinegar: A fruity, bittersweet Catalan vinegar made from young Merlot Grapes with notes of red fruits, strawberry jam and cherries. Unlike other Forvm’s vinegars, this merlot vinegar has not been aged in oak casks, giving it a sweeter, livelier taste and a vibrant red-violet color to your creations.


A wonderful balance of sweetness and acidity, with a complexity of flavour imbued by the varietal grapes used in each bottle, Forvm wine vinegars can be used to enhance any recipes that call for wine vinegars or used to add a twist on classic preparations.

  • Forvm Cabernet Sauvignon Vinegar: Wonderfully versatile, this vinegar is perfect for vinaigrettes, sauces or marinades where red wine vinegar is called for. Also beautiful as a finishing drizzle for over tuna carpaccio and sardines, or served alongside bresaola, Iberico ham and capers.

  • Forvm Chardonnay Vinegar: A balanced vinegar, substitute for any recipe that calls for a white wine vinegar. The inherent fruitiness of the Chardonnay wines make this vinegar perfectly suited for fish and shellfish preparations. Try making a classic Spaghetti alle Vongole, but add a splash of this Chardonnay Vinegar as you are cooking your clams or shellfish. Enjoy!

  • Forvm Merlot Vinegar: Its sweet and fruity profile and vibrant color adds a brightness and flavour complexity to any dessert recipes. Use this vinegar in a berry fruit reduction topped over cheesecakes and crepes.


Gracing the dinner menus of many Nobel Peace Prize evenings and some of the world’s top kitchens such as the historic Michelin 3-Star Restaurant, El Bulli, the family winery of Cellers Avgvstvs Forvm has built up a cult following for its vinegars.

Within the historic vineyards of Pla de Mar in Panedes–a region holding a DOP for wines situated in Catalonia, Spain–the Roca family of Cellergs Avgvstvs Forvm has been refining their craft for over 30 years. The skill of their artisan vintners and the terroir of Panedes region succeeds in producing remarkable wines and vinegars known for its versatility, balance and flavour complexity.

Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.

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