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Boscarino Grissini Rosmarino

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Made with only the best ingredients, and using a traditional recipe, the Boscarino Grissini Rosmarino is crisp and dry, with a classic flavor and hints of herb.


These dry Italian breadsticks, or grissini, are crispy, and are long and thin. Boscarino’s Rosmarino Grissini is made with soft wheat flour, natural yeast, and rosemary. Boscarino doesn’t use any preservatives, palm oil, or hydrogenated fats. It has a snappy texture, with a classic taste and pleasant hints of rosemary flavor.


The Boscarino Grissini Rosmarino is great to pair with lunch and dinner meals, like pastas. You can also serve them as aperitif, with some tapenades or other dips. You can serve them alongside cured meats and cheeses. You can even wrap some prosciutto around them for an easy appetizer.


Boscarino was founded in 1975, but the family’s practice of baking bread and biscuits had begun long before, following the ancient Sicilian recipes and traditions. Today, with new technologies and a modern factory have made it possible to combine the excellence of artisanal tradition with innovative ideas. Prepared with the simplest of ingredients, and the simplest of methods, Boscarino is taking on the modern world with tradition, and doing so with readiness to respond to trends and tastes of their consumers.

Storage Instructions

Store your breadsticks/grissini in an airtight container at room temperature. Consume within 10 months.

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