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The O.G. 80s kid

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Bonsoy has been doing this since 1983. While health fads come and go, Bonsoy's commitment to high-quality, all-natural soymilk hasn't changed. They have won the hearts, homes, and businesses of fans around the world They are well loved becayse they use nothing but whole certified vegan organic soybeans. And life is sweet enough that they see no need to use artificial sweeteners.

Tasting Notes from the Curator

Baristas and coffee lovers know that Bonsoy is frothable like no other. Not everyone can handle the heat. Fact: Bonsoy won’t change its flavour profile when heated. it’s the perfect canvas for latte art and creamy coffee because it stretches further. The Bonsoy Milk is made of: Filtered water, Organic (Certified USFDA, NOP) Whole Soybeans (min. 14%), Tapioca Syrup, Sea Salt, Job’s Tear (Hato Mugi), Calcium Carbonate.


Best enjoyed with smoothies or coffee or as is. Makes a great microfoam for lattes. Can also be used for baking.

The First Japanese Modern Milk in Australia

Bonsoy was first launched back in the 80s, with a vision of a sustainable future through macrobiotic diets. Being a foreign produced milk in Australia, it was the “new milk”. The reinvented milk. Bonsoy began with soy milk as their pioneer product and had ventured into almond milk and other varieties over the years. Since the early days. word of mouth became their main channel and to this day, they have millions of devoted Bonsoy client and customers who naturally “start their days, the Bonsoy way”.

Storage Instructions

Store your almond milk in a cool, dry place, away from direct heat. Once opened, keep refrigerated. Consume within 7 days.

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