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De Cecco Spaghetti

The Classic Pasta

Clas¬≠sic spaghet¬≠ti pas¬≠ta from one of the lead¬≠ing pas¬≠ta mak¬≠ers in Italy. 

Tast­ing Notes from the Curator

Made from durum wheat, the clas¬≠sic spaghet¬≠ti offer of De Cec¬≠co does not dis¬≠ap¬≠point. Made with a care¬≠ful process: from the selec¬≠tion of wheat, to milling their own wheat to pro¬≠duce what is known as the ‚Äč‚Äúbest flour in the coun¬≠try‚ÄĚ, to cut¬≠ting pas¬≠tas using bronze plates up until the slow dry¬≠ing process to keep the sen¬≠so¬≠ry prop¬≠er¬≠ties of wheat intact. What you get are the per¬≠fect spaghet¬≠ti strands that will stand out in any meal. 


Spaghet¬≠ti is so ver¬≠sa¬≠tile that it can be served with any condi¬≠ment, from fish to meat, from veg¬≠eta¬≠bles to cheese, but is also excel¬≠lent served just with extra vir¬≠gin olive oil and a sprin¬≠kling of parme¬≠san. Cook¬≠ing time for this pas¬≠ta is 12 mins. For Al Dente: 10 mins. 

First of Spaghetti

His¬≠tor¬≠i¬≠cal¬≠ly, offi¬≠cial men¬≠tion of the term ‚Äč‚Äúspaghet¬≠to‚ÄĚ can be traced back to the first dic¬≠tio¬≠nary of the Ital¬≠ian lan¬≠guage by Nicol√≤ Tom¬≠maseo and Bernar¬≠do Belli¬≠ni (1819). The word ‚Äč‚Äúspaghet¬≠to‚ÄĚ was includ¬≠ed as the ‚Äč‚Äúmas¬≠cu¬≠line sin¬≠gu¬≠lar diminu¬≠tive of spa¬≠go (thread)‚ÄĚ and men¬≠tion is made of ‚Äč‚ÄúMines¬≠tra di Spaghet¬≠ti‚ÄĚ (spaghet¬≠ti soup) which is pas¬≠ta the size of a long, thin thread such as sopra¬≠capelli¬≠ni‚ÄĚ. An inter¬≠est¬≠ing fact: in 1957, the BBC aired the first doc¬≠u¬≠men¬≠tary on the pro¬≠duc¬≠tion of spaghet¬≠ti and the day after, the tele¬≠vi¬≠sion stu¬≠dios were inun¬≠dat¬≠ed by phone calls from view¬≠ers ask¬≠ing for the name of the pro¬≠duc¬≠ers and dis¬≠trib¬≠u¬≠tors of spaghet¬≠ti so they could buy some

Storage Instructions

Store dry, uncooked pas¬≠ta in a cool, dry pantry for up to one year. Pre¬≠serve fresh¬≠ness by stor¬≠ing dry pas¬≠ta in an air-tight box or con¬≠tain¬≠er. Store plain (no sauce or oth¬≠er ingre¬≠di¬≠ents) cooked pas¬≠ta in a con¬≠tain¬≠er or plas¬≠tic seal¬≠able bag in the refrig¬≠er¬≠a¬≠tor for up to five days and up to three months in the freezer.

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