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Paul & Pippa Black Salt and Quinoa Crackers

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These delicious artisan crackers from Paul and Pippa are vegan and made of 100% natural ingredients.
Catalonia Northern Spain


With no sugar added, and using only the best extra virgin olive oil in their production, the Paul and Pippa Black Salt and Quinoa crackers are a unique offering.

Subtle enough to pair with your favorite cheeses, but interesting enough to eat on its own, these artisan vegan crackers strike the perfect balance between solo snack and party appetizer.


Housed in a simple box, it strikes a graceful figure with its combination of black and mustard yellow. Give these as gifts, or display them on your kitchen counter or shelf, ready to be grabbed and served.

The toasty off-white squares are distinctly dotted with black salt, making them look right at home on your cheese platter.

Paul and Pippa Black Salt and Quinoa crackers pair perfectly with hard cheeses, like cheddar or manchego. It will also be excellent with this Blue Stilton cheese.


Black salt, or Himalayan Black Salt or kala namak, is a volcanic rock salt created and found in the surrounding areas of the Himalayas. Aside from sodium chloride, it also contains traces of sulphur compounds that are naturally found in the area. But don’t worry. The amount of sulphur in the salt won’t affect our health at all.

But it is what gives Black Salt its interesting aroma, and tangy taste. And it’s used in a wide variety of ways! Commonly, it’s an ingredient in the Indian chaat masala. It’s also a wonderful way to elevate any dish, adding an extra layer and complexity.

Storage Instructions

Keeps well in the pantry. Once opened, store in an airtight container away from moisture. Consume within 2-3 weeks.

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