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Priorat Natur Gordal Olives

Big, green olives


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The biggest olives you will ever lay eyes on, these Gordal Olives are firm and meaty, with a wonderful juicy quality. They’re great for snacking or as appetizer.


Gordal means “the fat one” in Spanish, and to look at these olives is to understand. They are large, with a firm, meaty texture. They have an oval, slightly asymmetrical shape, and a light green color. They’re one of the world’s most popular olives. They have a low oil content, so they are never used to make olive oil.

Priorat Natur sorts these olives by batch, and then by size. They are then stored in tubs of water and salt until fermentation is complete. Aromatic herbs are added before the water is changed, and then the olives are packed in water and salt again once the desired flavor is achieved. Finally, they are pasteurized to ensure that they are preserved.

Priorat Natur Gordal Olives are very juicy, but not bitter, with a mild and refreshing (almost citrussy) taste.


Priorat Natur Gordal Olives are great for tapas or snacks, served with Manchego cheese. They can also be stuffed with peppers or garlic as an appetizer.


Xavi Buil’s grandfathers were both farmers. His mother’s father worked as a grape, olive, almond, and hazelnut farmer near Priorat, who married the daughter of a wine and olive oil merchant and established a business in Falset. On his father’s side, his grandfather grew wheat and olives. But the family lands were sold off because the new generation had other ideas. However, with the harvest from the family garden each year, the family practice of manufacturing local items remained. Xavi fantasized as a child of creating his own business producing and selling these traditional products in order to restore his grandparents’ legacies.

After finishing business school, Xavi and his childhood friend Xavi Fusté, who had finished with a degree in administration, began producing arbequina olives and carmelized nuts out of the family house in 1996. Following a successful year, the duo founded Priorat Natur and expanded their product line. They now produce 9,000 liters of olive oil each year and 28,000 kilos of Arbequina olives. The entire process is done by hand in order to maintain the Priorat reputation for high-quality products. We can definitely say that Xavi has more than succeeded in honoring his grandparents.

Storage Instructions

Store your olives in a cool and dry area, like the pantry or a cupboard. Once opened, keep refrigerated. Consume within 2 years.

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