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Long Clawson Potted Blue Stilton DOP 100g

A Bold Champion Tang

Over a hun­dred years went into per­fect­ing Long Clawson’s Stil­ton cheese recipe in the Vale of Belvoir. No won­der it’s been the Supreme Cham­pi­on Cheese at the Glob­al Cheese Awards thrice in the last few years!


Long Clawson’s Stil­ton takes 8 weeks to mature and each wheel is indi­vid­u­al­ly grad­ed and checked by their Mas­ter Cheese­mak­er to ensure opti­mal qual­i­ty. Their milk is sourced only from local UK farms to ensure low trav­el time between the dairy and cheese fac­to­ry. At the 8‑week mark, the cheese is crumbly and creamy, with a bold and expres­sive fla­vor. At this point, it has the tell­tale Stil­ton blue veins and a dis­tinc­tive tang.


The bold fla­vors of Stil­ton make it a joy to arrange on a cheese­board. Think figs, cran­ber­ries, dates, and apri­cots — all dried or fresh — and crisp apples, right along­side pumper­nick­el bread, whole wheat crack­ers, and warm, toasty nut breads. Crum­bled Stil­ton also goes well right on a plate of steak or ham, and it pairs well with fresh seafoods too.

The com­mand­ing fla­vor of Stil­ton cheese calls for sweet, for­ti­fied wines like Queve­do Ruby Port or light red wines like Gamay or PaĂ­s. Sweet wines like a Hun­gar­i­an Toka­ji work too, as do caramel-sweet sher­ries. Of course, a Pros­ec­co or any oth­er sparkling wine would do just as nice­ly. What about beers? Lam­bics or stouts, yes please!


Long Claw­son is one of only 6 dairies in the world allowed to make the DOP-pro­tect­ed Stil­ton cheese. They’re famous for it, but in their 100 years, they’ve also pro­duced award-win­ning Rut­land reds, Blue Shrop­shire, and a range of sweet and savory cheeses. The orig­i­nal Long Claw­son was found­ed in 1911, when Thomas Hoe Steven­son, own­er of Mount Pleas­ant Farm and co-pro­duc­er of Stil­ton cheese with his two sis­ters, part­nered with 11 of his neigh­bors to put up a dairy and farm­ing coop­er­a­tive. Today, Long Claw­son thrives on a com­bi­na­tion of tra­di­tion and innovation.

Storage Instructions

Store your jar in the refrig­er­a­tor below 5 ̊C. This cheese is meant to be con­sumed with­in 3 days of open­ing the jar and should be used before the best-before date shown.

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