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Nicolas Alziari Green Olives Picholine de Provence

The cocktail olive


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Harvested in Aude, and beautiful in flavor and texture, the Nicolas Alziari Green Olives are of the picholine variety, the most widespread in southern France.
Provence Southeast of France


Best known as a cocktail olive, these small green fruits have a sweet aroma. They are elongated in shape, and their texture is firm and crisp, with a beautiful crunch. It has a nutty, briny, subtly floral flavor, almost reminiscent of pistachios.


Because of their firm and crisp texture, they are perfect olives for eating. For antipasti, serve them with Brie and prosciutto, paired with a gorgeous Sauvignon Blanc. They’re also incredible with seafood, or dishes with mushroom and artichokes.

And of course, they are the quintessential martini olives.


It was in 1868 that Cesar Martin, son of laundry workers, decided to manufacture olive oil as a business. He bought an old mill in Nice, and began what would be a centuries-old success story. It was in 1900 that his son-in-law, Nicolas Alziari, took over the company and revolutionized their production. By incorporating techniques used in wine, chocolate, and coffee, he was able to create extraordinary oils, selling to prestigious clients and gaining much traction.

He and his wife, Jeanne, opened a store in Gubernatis Street. And their daughter, Pauline, eventually opened a second shop, close to the flower market, which will become the emblematic address.

House Alziari has gone through many generations, each contributing to its success. It is now a name in the world of olive oils, housed in the most prestigious delicatessens, and used by the best chefs and restauranteurs in the world.

Storage Instructions

Store your olives in a cool, dry, and dark area, like your pantry. Once opened, consume within 3 weeks. Refrigerate after opening.

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