Leyenda Tesoros de Mar Gulas in Garlic Oil 460ml

A Surimi Spanish Delicacy

Tesoros de Mar, meaning Treasure of the Sea in Spanish easily captures the essence of this product. Elegantly prepare a traditional Gulas a la Bilbaína or a Spanish pintxos with this premium quality, all-natural surimi baby eels.

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A popular, modern-day variant to the traditional “angulas” or baby eels of Northern Spain. Leyenda Tesoros de Mar Gulas in Garlic Oil is a premium quality, all-natural baby eels product made from surimi.

While angulas have a delicate, meatier flavour, gulas have a more mellow taste, with soft texture and an opaque-white color. Made with surimi (a paste that is made with the white meat of different Alaskan pollocks), Leyenda uses ancient Japanese production techniques to produce a sustainable, environmentally-friendly alternative for food lovers to enjoy the taste and flavors of real angulas.


With its mild taste and silky smooth texture, Leyenda Tesoros de Mar Gulas in Garlic Oil can be used for any recipe that calls for baby eels. In the Basque province where this Spanish delicacy is most famous, this is traditionally served as a Gulas a la Bilbaína, baby eels sauteed in olive oil, garlic and peppers. The flavours of this seafood pairs well with a white such as our Mar de Frades or a Priorat.

However, as with any culinary ingredient, experiment with a salad, a lovely Spanish tapa or an appetizer! We love this twist on your classic gambas al ajillo or sauteed baby squid with gulas, with the garlic oil of the gulas enhancing the flavors of these dishes.


The real angulas, also called baby eels or txitxardin in Basque, are a Spanish delicacy in the Basque country. Lovingly known as the caviar of Northern Spain, for centuries, these beautiful fish have been fished out of Spanish rivers and served in prestigious hotels and Michelin-star restaurants.

A too-strong demand coupled with a short fishing season (fresh angulas are only available during the Christmas season) resulted in a critically endangered species due to overfishing and environmental degradation.

In 1991, the solution for an environmentally-friendly and sustainable alternative to stop angulas exploitation was created, Gulas. Made with sirami from the white meat of Alaskan pollocks, Gulas, while subtly different in taste compared to angulas, has become a popular and widely accepted alternative to enjoy classic angulas dishes, no matter the time of year.

Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight. Refrigerate upon opening.

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