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Blue Frog Raspberry, Vanilla, and Chia Seeds Granola

Zesty and crunchy

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This award-winning granola from Blue Frog is made with New Zealand oats. It’s sweet but contains no added refined sugars, and is 100% plant-based.


The Blue Frog Raspberry, Vanilla & Chia Seeds Granola won Silver in the 2019 Outstanding NZ Food Producer Awards. It’s made with freeze-dried raspberries, cranberries, almonds, cashews, quinoa, shaved coconut, quality oats from New Zealand’s Canterbury Plains, and pure Heilala vanilla bean.

If you’ve ever had a raspberry lamington, this is what this granola will remind you of. Lush and sweet, but with less than 5.5g of sugar per serving, it is 100% plant-based. It’s free of suphites, preservatives, and dairy, and contains pre and probiotics. This granola is light and crunchy, with a wonderful zesty flavor.


Enjoy the Blue Frog Raspberry, Vanilla & Chia Seeds Granola on its own as a snack, or a quick energy boost when you’re on the go. It’s great as breakfast to start your day with; enjoy it with some plant-based milk or some yogurt.


New Zealand’s most awarded breakfast cereal, Blue Frog was launched in 2015 by Scotty Baragwanath. The company’s name came from a nickname Scotty had as a child—Frog, because of his long and lanky legs. He grew up around his mother’s culinary creations; she never shied away from interesting ingredients and spices. At the age of five, he got his first frying pan, and began making food creations that he made his siblings try.

A food technologist who spent 20 years working for confectionary giant, Mars, Scotty founded Blue Frog with his family in mind. He became particularly conscious of breakfast, especially with his children. There was a constant struggle between getting them out of the house for school quickly, but also wanting them to be able to eat a good breakfast. It was difficult to find a nutritious cereal that also appealed to this children’s tastes enough for them to actually eat it. Blue Frog started there—breakfast experiments to give their children something both nutritious, delicious, and quick.

This is still the crux of Blue Frog, to make cereal that caters to various dietary requirements, is healthy, and is, importantly, delicious. Truly, something you would be excited to wake up to eat.

Storage Instructions

Your granola comes in a resealable bag. You may keep your granola there (make sure that it’s completely sealed with as much air removed as possible), or transfer your granola into a different airtight container. Place in a cool, dark, dry area, like the pantry, or a cupboard away from appliances. Consume within 3 months.

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