Pommery Mustard 100g Collection

The Mustard of Gourmands

Dubbed the mustard of gourmets by the world-renowned gourmand and epicure, Brillat-Savarin, Pommery’s range of award-winning mustards delivers an exceptional texture and rich, distinctly nutty flavour that leaves you eager for more.

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An all-natural mustard that contains only water, mustard seeds, spices and vinegar, Pommery Moutardes offers a rich, thick and grainy texture against waves of vinegary and mustard flavor that makes it a staple in the pantry for any food preparation or recipe. Choose from six different variants of this gourmet mustard that best suit your taste.

  1. Pommery Espelette Pepper Mustard: A coveted spicy, red pepper from the Basque region of France, Piment d’Espelette evokes a subtle heat and fruitiness in this mustard in grain. This mustard is marvelous when used in a marinade or a finishing sauce for roasted salmon or meats.
  2. Pommery Figs Mustard: A whole grain mustard flavoured with real figs. This fruity mustard with a lacing of sweetness is great served with foie gras and toasted baguette, salad dressings or sandwiches.
  3. Pommery Dijon Mustard: Prepared in the best tradition of “Moutardes de Dijon”, this classic French mustard is intensely flavourful with a subtle spicy kick. Pairs well with red meat, sausages and salad dressings.
  4. Pommery Herbs Mustard: An aromatic, smooth mustard prepared with chives, tarragon, and parsley. This fragrant mustard prepared in the traditional Dijon manner is a beautiful accompaniment to herbed chicken and makes for a simple yet flavorful salad dressing when mixed with honey and Forvm Chardonnay Vinegar.
  5. Pommery Voatsiperifery Pepper Mustard: Made with wild peppers that only grows in the Madagascar wildforest, this assertive mustard is peppered with notes of woodsy pine, citrusy with a refined black pepper spice. A flexible mustard that goes well with both savory and sweet dishes, pair with pork chops or even sweet pretzels
  6. Pommery Lemon and Basil Mustard: Lightly acidic, this whole grain mustard with citrus confit and fresh basil holds a subtle fruity zest


A perfect accompaniment to your cheese boards and charcuteries, Pommery’s range of gourmet mustards are a gastronomic delight, visually stunning and conveniently served when used with Pommery’s Wooden Spoons 100% made by artisanal French craftsmen.

Delightful when paired with a pretzel, sausages or used to add a zest of flavour to your salad dressings. If you love the piquant flavours of mustard, try using this in your meat rubs and marinades.

We recommend using this mustard to elevate your next dinner date menu with pan-seared Ernest Soulard Foie Gras, topped with cashews and a honey mustard dressing.


With a traditional recipe unchanged for centuries, Pommery’s award winning Mustards are darlings of all professional chefs and kitchens worldwide.

With a focus on tradition, quality and excellence, it is no wonder why Pommery’s crown jewel, the Meaux de Moutarde stole the hearts of, first, the people of the region and then the kings and queens of various French courts. As of 1890, other mustard manufacturers in Meaux closed out as Pommery Mustard became the most sought-after product in the region. Thanks to its premium quality, taste, and texture the firm recently received a gold medal award in the 2013 Worldwide Mustard Competition.


You will receive your fresh mustard in a natural, baked-clay jar and non-compressed cork. To open, first break the wax seal on the jar with the back of a knife. Slowly and gently insert the knife between the cork and the clay jar and cut all the way around. You may opt to clean away the small pieces of wax stuck to the clay jar before serving.

Keep in a dry dark place. Packaged in a beautiful stoneware jar, Pommery Mustards have an exceptional shelf-life. Its stoneware pot prevents UV light from passing through as does its cork stopper sealed in wax. You can easily keep it for two years in a cool dry place even after opening. Refrigeration is not necessary. Current batch: Best Before Oct 2021 and Dec 2021

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