Tartuffi Mora Whole Frozen Summer Truffles
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Tartufi Mora Whole Frozen Summer Truffles 250g

Summer’s Bounty Year-Round

Tartu­fi Morra’s flash-freez­ing process gives you access to the Ital­ian black sum­mer truf­fle at any time of year. With a del­i­cate fla­vor and nut­ty aro­ma, these truf­fles are the per­fect enhance­ment for many dish­es, Ital­ian and inter­na­tion­al. Option with met­al or wood­en truf­fle slicer, available


The black sum­mer truf­fle, some­times called the Scor­zone truf­fle after its rough, bumpy appear­ance, has an earthy, slight­ly gar­licky taste. As with all truf­fles, it can only be found dur­ing a short win­dow of time every year — from April to Sep­tem­ber — in France, Spain, Italy, and in parts of the UK.

Canned or jarred truf­fles lose their aro­ma dur­ing ster­il­iza­tion, but truf­fles flash frozen at their peak ripeness late in the sea­son keep about half their musk­i­ness and almost all of their orig­i­nal fla­vor. This is what makes it excel­lent for chefs who want access to this ingre­di­ent even off-season.


Frozen truf­fles, once thawed, can be used like their fresh coun­ter­parts as sliv­ers on fil­lets, in fon­dues, and in soups or diced and sautĂ©ed into pas­ta dish­es and oth­er savory prepa­ra­tions — all with a prop­er truf­fle slicer. For the tru­ly inspired cuisiniere, we hear that they’re great in xiao long bao!

Take your truf­fles out of the freez­er twen­ty min­utes before you need them and clean them in a bit of cold water. Let them rest at room tem­per­a­ture (with­out let­ting them get too soft) for about ten min­utes and — voila — they’re ready to be used in what­ev­er way you wish!


Tartu­fi Mor­ra has staked its name on truf­fle pro­cure­ment since the 1930s, when the com­pa­ny spread word around the world about Alba’s beau­ti­ful white truf­fles. They began hold­ing the Truf­fle Fair of Alba, mar­ket­ing the desir­able fun­gi once a year to such cel­e­brat­ed fig­ures as Mar­i­lyn Mon­roe, Win­ston Churchill, and Hitch­cock. They stand for Ital­ian cui­sine and bring their respect for truf­fles of all kinds into every part of their business.

Storage Instructions

Store in freezer.

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