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Tartufi Morra Black Truffle Honey 90g

Explosion of Rich Flavors

The cov­et­ed Tartu­fi Mor­ra black truf­fle hon­ey intro­duces you to an explo­sion of rich fla­vors leav­ing you rel­ish­ing for more. This black truf­fle hon­ey is packed with the sweet and intense tang of hon­ey and the earthy, nut­ty, gar­lic-like fin­ish of truf­fles. A per­fect union of the most dis­tinc­tive fla­vors in the world. 

Tast­ing Notes from the Curator

Set­tle down with a spoon filled with mille­fiori hon­ey, whether in the sum­mer or cold sea­sons next to a fire. The black truf­fle hon­ey starts with the sweet­ness and tex­ture of hon­ey and slow­ly reveals its secret— the tongue-lick­ing, deep, earthy fla­vor of truf­fle— leav­ing a gourmet satisfaction. 


You can get to know your jar of truf­fle hon­ey through var­i­ous recipes, sauces, and mari­nades or as condi­ments to your toasts or pas­try. Just go with the flow. As an idea, warm your­self up dur­ing the cool days with yum­my warmed camem­bert or brie cheese laced with truf­fle hon­ey as a condi­ment. You can also apply your hon­ey as a glaze to your chick­en breast or duck recipe. If you already have a steak or grilled meat in mind, then a mari­nade made of truf­fle hon­ey, whiskey, and wal­nut oil will sure­ly spoil your palate and sat­is­fy your tummy.

Cov­et­ed Truf­fle Company

As far back as the 1500s, truf­fle hon­ey was already the desired type of hon­ey in all of East­ern Europe. In 1930, Gia­com­ma Mor­ra estab­lished his firm Tartu­fi Mor­ra in Alba, Italy. What start­ed as a move to bring glob­al aware­ness to the white truf­fles of Alba, soon turned into a world-renowned com­pa­ny known for pro­duc­ing the best truf­fle. Today, this firm con­tin­ues to man­u­fac­ture var­i­ous types of truf­fle prod­ucts includ­ing the most cov­et­ed black truf­fle honey

Storage Instructions

Keep your hon­ey in a cool loca­tion away from direct sun­light and make sure the con­tain­er is tight­ly sealed. The ide­al tem­per­a­ture for stor­age is from 13 to 21°C. Some man­u­fac­tur­ers will set the expiry date of their jars at two years after the bot­tling date. How­ev­er, hon­ey can last decades or even cen­turies if stored prop­er­ly. It may change col­or and become crys­tal­ized, but it will stay safe to eat. If your hon­ey does crys­tal­lize, just place the open jar in warm water and stir until the crys­tals dis­solve. Store in a cool dry place. 

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