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MBS6-7 Prime Australian Wagyu Ribeye

Premium Aussie Wagyu


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With a beautiful marbling and a rich flavor, this Australian Wagyu Ribeye rates a score of 6-7 on its MBS (marble beef score), making it Silver Label.


One of the most favored cuts, the ribeye comes from the rib primal cut of the beef. It’s classic steakhouse.

The MBS6-7 Prime Australian Wagyu Ribeye has a beautiful dense marbling, and balanced flavor that is rich and buttery. Raised in lush landscapes, with the tropical climate of Australia, this meat is tender and delicious, and truly top quality.


Wagyu is very rich, fatty, and buttery, and works well with simpler cooking, and lighter sides. A straight-to-the-point pan sear with little to no oil, and only salt for seasoning, will make its incredible flavor shine. Pair with a light salad, or roast vegetables, and a glass or hearty red wine.


Australia is no stranger to a good steak, second only to Japan at Wagyu population. Although most Wagyu raised in Australia are crossbred with other cattle breeds, their bloodlines originate from Japan. They’re called crossbred or purebred, as opposed to fullbred, which is designated for Japanese Wagyu.

The main differences between Australian and Japanese Wagyu, for one, would be the soils, grass, and climate being different. Australian climate is more tropical, and thus affects the grass, and the meat, naturally. Australian Wagyu is also fed for 300-400 days, whereas Japanese Wagyu is fed for 600 or more. These factors affect the beef’s texture and marbling.

But don’t get it wrong—Australian Wagyu still has that impressive marbling, and that buttery rich flavor that Wagyu is so known for. Australia also grades their beef differently, with two associations in charge of it: Ausmeat, and the MSA (Meat Standards Australia). They use MBS (marble beef score) or BMS (beef marbling score), that ranges from zero to nine, with nine being the highest rating.

Storage Instructions

Your cut of MBS6-7 Prime Australian Wagyu Ribeye comes frozen and vacuum packed. Store in freezer. Thaw only when about to cook. Cooked leftover meat can only be kept in the fridge for 3 to 4 more days. Consume immediately.

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