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Casa Rinaldi Condiment Set

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Casa Rinaldi is known for quality ingredients, especially when it comes to their balsamic vinegars. And the rest of this condiment set are made and curated with the same quality and care.
Emilia-Romagna Northern Italy


The Casa Rinaldi Condiment Set consists of four quality condiments: Extra Virgin Olive Oil, mixed peppers, balsamic vinegar, and Himalayan salt.

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil is high quality and authentic, with a peppery, delicate flavor. The mixed peppers are a blend black, pink, white, and green peppercorns. The Himalayan salt is authentic, mined in Pakistan, and is saltier than table salt. And of course, Casa Rinaldi is known for their balsamic vinegars, which is liquid gold straight from Modena, Italy.


The Casa Rinaldi Condiment Set comes in four glass bottles, and with a metal rack with a handle. Take them out of storage and place in the rack only when about to use, to preserve their freshness and flavors. It’s great to display during dinner parties, and all the condiments are in easy-to-use bottles, perfect to reach for at any time, whether cooking or eating.


Casa Rinaldi as a company was birthed from a passion for Traditional Balsamic Vinegar, for which Modena is known. Its name is taken from the 1888 building owned by the Rinaldi family, which served as a vinegar factory. The building stands to this day, and is both an active component, being used in the company’s production, and a metaphorical marker—a reminder of tradition and quality.

Storage Instructions

Olive oil and Balsamic vinegar should be stored in a cool, dry, dark cupboard, away from the heat and light. Choose a spot in the kitchen that’s away from the oven. The best temperature for storing oil and vinegar is from 13 to 21°C.

Keep your peppercorns in a cool, dry, and dark place when not in use, like a pantry or cupboard. Consume within 6 months. Keep your Himalayan salt in its airtight container and in a cool, dry, dark place like a pantry or cupboard. As long as moisture is kept out, it will last for years.

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