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La Prudencia Iberico Presa

Uniquely Iberico

Rich in fla­vor and incred­i­bly suc­cu­lent, this pork shoul­der steak from La Pru­den­cia comes from the famed Iberi­co pig, raised in free­dom in Extremadura.


With a deeply red col¬≠or, and deeply webbed white streaks of fat, the La Pru¬≠den¬≠cia Pre¬≠sa has the same beau¬≠ti¬≠ful mar¬≠bled qual¬≠i¬≠ty of Wagyu beef. Suc¬≠cu¬≠lent, and full of fla¬≠vor, and show¬≠ing a deep red col¬≠or while raw, this pork shoul¬≠der steak is a tasty delight. An oval-shaped cut from the Iber¬≠ian pig, it tastes sub¬≠tly of acorn and hazel¬≠nut, owing to the swine‚Äôs diet of nuts, herbs, and roots.


This pork shoul¬≠der can be enjoyed in a vari¬≠ety of very sim¬≠ple ways‚ÄČ‚ÄĒ‚ÄČfrom raw to well-roasted.

The La Pru­den­cia Pre­sa shines the sim­pler it’s prepared.

  • Heat your pan. Add olive oil. 
  • Seal your meat in a smok¬≠ing hot fry¬≠ing pan for around four min¬≠utes each side; until a beau¬≠ti¬≠ful gold¬≠en brown crust forms
  • Trans¬≠fer to a pre¬≠heat¬≠ed oven at 180ňöC for 10 minutes
  • Remove, wrap the pre¬≠sa in foil, and let rest for anoth¬≠er 15 minutes
  • Sea¬≠son with Mal¬≠don Sea Salt Flakes before serving. 

Pair with a full-bod¬≠ied white wine, like our Ch√Ęteau Mon¬≠te¬≠le¬≠na Chardon¬≠nay, or this Deloach Maboroshi Pinot Noir.


This piece of meat, tak­en from the part of the pig where the loin mus­cle meets the shoul­der neck area, is one that is found only in the Iberi­co pig raised in the dehe­sa. Yes, it is that special.

The infu¬≠sion of the fat inside the mus¬≠cle (intra¬≠mus¬≠cu¬≠lar fat) gives it a very ten¬≠der tex¬≠ture and an unmis¬≠tak¬≠able fla¬≠vor. The meat from the Iber¬≠ian pig, pre¬≠cise¬≠ly because of this intra¬≠mus¬≠cu¬≠lar fat, is rich in Omega‚ÄĎ3 fat¬≠ty acids, and is said to decrease cho¬≠les¬≠terol. Again, mak¬≠ing it dis¬≠tinct from non-Iberi¬≠co pigs.

Storage Instructions

Your cut of Iberi¬≠co Pre¬≠sa comes frozen and vac¬≠u¬≠um packed. Store in freezer. 

Thaw only when about to cook.

Cooked left¬≠over meet can only be kept in fridge for 3 to 4 more days. Con¬≠sume immediately. 

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