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La Prudencia Iberico Pluma

A feather on your cap (or plate)


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The La Prudencia Pluma, or the ‚Äúfeather cut,‚ÄĚ is a special pork cut from the famed Iberico pig, which was raised in freedom in the Extremadura region of Spain.


Aesthetically, it does indeed resemble something like a feather (or pluma), with its wing-shaped cut. With its lean meat covered by an abundant layer of fat, this Iberico pork looks slightly strange and interesting to those unfamiliar. But the layer of fat is what makes the La Prudencia Pluma so tasty and succulent. A premium pork cut with exquisite flavor; this Iberian delight is an exciting addition to your meat repertoire.


A special cut, this La Prudencia pork is marbled liberally in fat, making it great for barbecues and grills.

The unquestionably perfect way to prepare it is the simplest way: grilled hot and fast with only a little bit of salt to finish. Ideal serve is medium-rare to medium.

Pair it with a cold beer, like this one from Mitchell’s. It’s a perfect summer sunset combination.

If you like to serve this with wine, a bottle of Bodega y Vinedos Valderiz Valdehermoso Roble will work perfectly.


Bred in La Prudencia’s own herd, the Iberian pig is fed in vast meadows with acorns from holm oaks and cork oaks, from November to February, or what they call the montanera fattening season. The pigs live in freedom, allowed to roam the area and integrate with the ecosystem. They eat around nine kilograms worth of acorns daily, and get much exercise, which leads to the development of intramuscular fat that makes their pork so succulent.

The pluma is a special cut taken from the neck end of the pork loin; the muscle it comes from is called the Rhomboideus, and there are two on each pig. The Iberian pork is then cured long and slow in the Az√°lvaro hills, and it is there that some of the greatest delicacies Spain offers world gastronomy is born.

Storage Instructions

Your cut of Iberico Pluma comes frozen and vacuum packed. Store in freezer.
Thaw only when about to cook.

Cooked leftover meat can only be kept in the fridge for 3 to 4 more days. Consume immediately.

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