Tarantola Vialone Nano Rice IGP 1kg

Traditionally Venetian

In which Venetian peculiarity reigns supreme—the people in this part of Italy prefer this type of rice above all others for their risottos. So much so that it has become a protected variety!

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Rice holds a special place in Italian cuisine, and this regional variant is staunchly Venetian. Vialone Nano is a cross between the Vialone and the Nano rice varieties, and has been around since 1937. It has thick, short kernels that can absorb twice their weight in liquid while retaining a firm, satisfying texture. Though it is a little less starchy than Carnaroli, it makes for impressively light risottos minus the stickiness and mush.


This risotto rice is commonly paired with rustic ingredients like pork, pumpkin, and artichoke, as well as a variety of game meats and hearty vegetables. It also makes a wonderfully robust side dish for meats and fishes and is an important component in insalata di riso—a mix of olives, capers, sundried tomatoes, and other simply Italian ingredients. With creamy, filling meals like this, you’ll certainly want to grab a glass of Chardonnay.


Tarantola sources its rice varieties from all over Italy, combining ancient methods and advanced technology to maintain the purity of taste and quality in their products. They produce 17 varieties, including two biological ones. They are a holder of certification from Demeter International, the largest certification organization for biodynamic agriculture, which holds over 4,500 member companies.

Store your uncooked rice in a tightly closed container in the pantry. If moisture is kept out, the maximum storage time for good flavor is 1 year.

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