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Jean Brunet Duck Pâté with Armagnac

Rich, Sinful, Savory

Infused with the burnt smok­i­ness of the clas­sic French Arma­gnac, this duck pâté from the High Pyre­nees region of France evokes images of cool nights curled up by the fire with a selec­tion of del­i­cate fin­ger­foods and wine. It con­tains no col­or­ing agents or preser­v­a­tives to retain its nat­ur­al flavors.


Pâtés and ter­rines are a tra­di­tion­al part of any French pic­nic. Imag­ine sit­ting on a blan­ket in the Jardin de Lux­em­bourg with wine, cheeses, breads, fruit fresh from the mar­ket — and the pièce de résis­tance sit­ting in a del­i­cate glass jar. Duck and goose prod­ucts, less com­mon than their chick­en coun­ter­parts, pos­sess an over­all gami­er taste. In adding the faint fruiti­ness and tof­fee-like under­tones of Arma­gnac, Jean Brunet brings a head­ier taste to an already fla­vor­ful blend of liv­er and oth­er choice meat portions.


A lit­tle Dijon mus­tard or spiced chut­ney com­ple­ments the rich fla­vors of the pâté. Spread some over a slice of fresh baguette — we get ours fresh from Shangri-La Makati—lay­er a spoon­ful of pâté, and top it all off with a nice cor­ni­chon (gherkins) for a love­ly acid con­trast. A light, juicy red wine makes a fit­ting way to round off your pic­nic meal. Choose a Beau­jo­lais, Caber­net Franc, or per­haps our Speri Valpo­li­cel­la Clas­si­co (2018) and you won’t regret it!


The Brunet fam­i­ly took its first steps in the gourmet indus­try as a char­cu­terie com­pa­ny in the late 1800s. It was only in the 1960s, when Jean Brunet start­ed exper­i­ment­ing with pâtés and ter­rines that the com­pa­ny real­ly gained first nation­al and then inter­na­tion­al atten­tion. Now a hun­dred years old, the com­pa­ny still stands by its mot­to: tra­di­tion and innovation”.

Storage Instructions

Store unopened con­tain­ers of pâté in a cool, dry panty. Once opened, pâté will keep three to four days in the refrig­er­a­tor. It can also be frozen for up to two months, though we rec­om­mend you con­sume it as soon as possible!

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