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Prunier Baeri Caviar Français

The Epitome of the French Caviar Tradition


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The Epitome of the French Caviar Tradition

Tasting Notes of the Curator

Typical of a Baeri Caviar, this Prunier Caviar Français offers small sized supple grains, with the traditional and complex iodised taste. This is the archetype of a Baeri caviar, and the gold standard of what a typical French Baeri should be. This is a perfect introduction to Caviar in a beautiful Mondrian inspired box.


This French caviar would naturally be paired with a great champagne like the Laurent Perrier Cuvee Brut or the Billecart Salmon Brut. Eat as is, or on a blini with a spoonful of Echiré Creme Fraiche.

A French Story

The Maison Prunier opened in 1872 as a restaurant in Paris, and became a place for the elite to meet. After the 1982 alliance between France and Russia, a Russian craze rolls over Paris, and Caviar becomes the new sensation in town. Prunier is the first to open a degustation bar in 1915 with oysters and caviar, and, after the bolchevik revolution of 1917, obtains the import monopoly for Russian caviar in 1918.

He gives up this monopoly in 1920, when he discovers that the French river of Gironde is full of sturgeons and opens the first French production of Caviar. 1920 is a key date in the history of caviar, as it is when the big rival of Prunier, Petrossian, will be founded to import Russian caviar. Since then, Prunier will be synonymous of the French Caviar, and a precursor of local production of caviar.

The Acipenser Baeri, or Siberian Sturgeon is originally from the major river basins at the north of Siberia. It is now mainly raised in France for its roe.

Storage Instructions

Store in refrigerator between 0 and 4c.

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