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Valrhona Amatika Vegan 46% Block

The first Grand Cru of Valrhona Vegan Chocolates


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The first grand cru of Vegan chocolates from renowned brand, Valrhona, the Amatika Block is made with pure Madagascar cocoa beans, and is a perfect baking partner.


The Valrhona Amatika Vegan Block is made with single origin beans grown on the plantations of Madagascar, and sweet, smooth almonds. Labeled Vegan by the Vegetarian Association of France, it contains no animal products or byproducts in all stages of its production, as well as its final composition.

Strong and smooth, this baking chocolate consists of 46% minimum cocoa, 43% fat, and 39% sugar. It has tasting notes of aromatic pure cocoa, with hints of cereal and almonds. It has all the delicious appeal of milk chocolate, without the milk!


Use your Valrhona Amatika Vegan 46% Block to make creams and ganaches. It’s also great for molding, coating, making mousses, ice creams, and sorbets. For flavor pairings, try it with lemon zest, almond paste, banana, peach, orange blossom, jasmine, or Grand Marnier.


Founded in 1922 by French pastry chef, Albéric Guironnet, Valrhona has been making the finest quality chocolates in the small village of Tain-l’Hermitage in France for almost an entire century. Dedicated to creating unique artisan chocolates with high quality ingredients, and complex, but balanced and consistent flavors, they are one of the leading manufacturers of gastronomic chocolate in the world.

Storage Instructions

Store your chocolate in a cool, dark place, ideally between 18 to 24°C. You can use the refrigerator, but place the chocolate in an airtight container to keep the moisture and humidity out—and retain its full range of flavors, of course!

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