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Angelina Gianduja Pâte à Tartiner

A Franco-Italian Indulgence

Clas­sic French patis­serie, Angeli­na, crafts jars of delec­table spreads fit for the most dis­cern­ing palates. Their Gian­du­ja spread is one of their most pop­u­lar, and we’ve brought it here just for you!


Gian­du­ja is the Ital­ian ver­sion of a pra­line, but with­out the caramel. Made with the crown jew­el of hazel­nuts IGP-pro­tect­ed in Pied­mont, Italy, plus milk choco­late and sug­ar, this spread is a flag­ship prod­uct of Angeli­na. The hazel­nut blends with the cocoa in a rich fla­vor­ful med­ley — all with­out any veg­etable fats. Its melt-in-the-mouth smooth­ness is the prod­uct of care­ful elab­o­ra­tion in their workshops.


Angelina’s Gian­du­ja spread is the gourmet answer to Nutel­la. It adapts to near­ly any sweet cre­ation and infus­es it with a spe­cial nut­ty rich­ness that is dif­fi­cult to com­pare. Spread a bit over a slice of brioche, lay­er some in a sand­wich cake, or pipe lit­tle dol­lops for a final touch on any pas­try. No one will fault you, either, if you just pull out a tea­spoon and scoop this sweet treat straight out of the jar!


A nut in short sup­ply late­ly, the hazel­nut holds a spe­cial place in the heart of every sweet-toothed per­son. But no hazel­nut can com­pare to those found in the hin­ter­lands of Pied­mont, Italy. Known as Ton­da Gen­tile delle Langhe or Noc­ci­o­la del Piemonte IGP, these hazel­nuts are small, intense­ly sweet, and nut­ty. To pro­tect their qual­i­ty and rep­u­ta­tion, farm­ers can only have 500 hazel­nut trees per hectare and the nuts must be allowed to fall to the ground with­out inter­fer­ence. They are one of Italy’s pre­cious com­modi­ties — and it’s only right that Angeli­na chose them for their spread!

Storage Instructions

Store your jar in a cool, dry place, away from heat and sun­light, at about 18 to 20°C. Make sure to screw the lid on tight between uses to keep out mois­ture and contaminants.

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