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Angelina Old-fashioned Hot Chocolate Powder Mix

Coco Chanel's favourite


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Angelina has gathered its savoir-faire to make you discover the pleasure of the best chocolate in Paris. This powdered hot chocolate mix is a house classic, made with top quality chocolate and 53% cocoa. Enjoy a cup of this creamy, generous and tasty treat with whipped cream or alone!

Tasting Notes of the Curator

This old-fashioned hot chocolate powder is made from a unique recipe that combines top quality ingredients for an unforgettable experience. The rich dark chocolate flavor is sure to transport you with pleasure. It’s even said that Coco Chanel used to come daily to Angelina’s to taste a cup of this famous hot chocolate! The powder mix contains 53% cocoa for an intense flavor and aroma. The other ingredients include sugar, cocoa powder, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, lean cocoa powder, whole milk powder and skimmed milk powder.

Pairings and Suggestions

This hot chocolate mix can be enjoyed as a warm drink with whipped cream or alone as an indulgent treat. It can also be used in baking recipes such as cakes and cookies for an extra chocolaty kick!

A Taste of History

Angelina is a popular tea house and café with several locations in Paris and one location in NYC. It was founded in 1903 by the Austrian confectioner Antoine Rumpelmayer (1832 – 1914), originally named eponymously “Rumpelmeyer”. His son René, and from 1916 his widow Angelina, continued the café and pâtisserie. It became an institution frequented by elite Parisians including Marcel Proust and Coco Chanel.

Storage Instructions

Store this product away from direct sunlight in a cool dry place at room temperature (18-22°C). Once opened keep tightly sealed in an airtight container away from direct sunlight or heat sources.