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Delivery to: Metro Manila

John Stone Beef Ribeye Steak (Frozen)

Deliciously tender and juicy


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John Stone is 100% Irish dry-aged beef, and their Ribeye Steak is expertly aged, and has a deep flavor and wonderful marbling.


The John Stone Beef Ribeye Steak is carefully selected and expertly dry-aged by master butchers. It is 100% dry-aged beef from Ireland, and is a great cut of steak, with a rich and deep flavor. It’s juicy, with a generous marbling, and a central core of fat.


This delicious Ribeye Steak from John Stone Beef is great to cook over a woodfire or charcoal, and equally as incredible cooked on a cast-iron pan or griddle. You’ll only need to grease the pan very lightly, and make sure to preheat your pan before putting the steak in. You need only to salt it on each side, and let it absorb the salt for about 30 minutes. Sear each side on medium-high heat for eight to 10 minutes, and let rest off the pan for about five minutes. Serve, lightly salted again if you wish.


John Stone comes from a very long line of butchers in his family—over six generations. John himself has been in the business for 50 years, seeing trends come and go, and ultimately realizing that what customers want is consistency. John Stone, as a company, prides itself in selecting and producing only the best. Everything is carefully done, from the farm in Ireland, to selection, to butchery, environmental practices, and the dry-aging. The latter is something they take great pride in, something they’ve been doing for decades, and doing well.

Aging, as with culinary delights, can enhance flavor and elevate our gastronomical experiences. This is especially true for cheese, wine, and yes, red meat.

Dry-aged meat is done by hanging beef cuts on racks to dry for several weeks. With a controlled environment—counting air velocity, lighting, temperature, and humidity, the moisture evaporates, and naturally occurring enzymes are allowed to do their thing. These enzymes break down protein and fat cells, transforming the beef’s texture and flavor to an indescribable level of tenderness and an incredibly beautiful, tasty flavor.

Storage Instructions

Your cut of John Stone Ribeye Steak comes frozen and vacuum packed. Store in freezer. Thaw only when about to cook. Cooked leftover meat can only be kept in the fridge for 3 to 4 more days. Consume immediately.

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