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Saltverk Pure Flaky Sea Salt

A game-changing salt

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Produced using geothermal energy, the Saltverk Pure Flaky Sea Salt is all-natural and sustainable, made with an ancient salt-making method. It’s crunchy, with a unique taste that will bring out the full flavor of your dishes.
Iceland Europe


The Saltverk Pure Flaky Sea Salt is a mineral-fresh sea salt, and is produced using energy from a geothermal hot spring in northwest Ireland. They use a 17th century method for salt-making, and because it only uses geothermal energy, the entire process has zero carbon footprints.

This salt is a gamechanger, with a crunchy texture that almost sizzles when the flakes hit your tongue. It’s a very complementary salt, able to both come through and enhance the flavor of your dishes.


A very versatile salt, use the Saltverk Pure Flaky Sea Salt literally anything you wish. Sprinkle it over buttered toast, use it with your vegetables, meats, poultry, and fish. Salt is a universal culinary ingredient, and this one by Saltverk will change the game.


In the 18th century, the Danish king established a salt production that made use of geothermal energy. But a few decades later, that tradition in Iceland ended indefinitely. But this tradition lived on in idea, and in 2011, Björn Steinar Jónsson founded Saltverk, reestablishing this time-old method of salt-making in Iceland. Born of a love for food and pride in his Icelandic heritage, Saltverk is found on a small peninsula in the Westfjords of Iceland, called Reykjanes, which separates two fjords and is surrounded by high mountains. They use this two-century-old method to both honor and keep the tradition, and also to create a product that is purely sustainable. Now coming in many flavors, and found in many homes, the best restaurants, and raved about by the best chefs, Saltverk is a true example of bringing an ancient tradition into the modern world.

Storage Instructions

Store in a cool, dry place. Keep away from moisture.

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