Señorio de Montanera Sobrasada 100% Iberico de Bellota 300g

Premium Autumnal Sausage

Señorio de Montanera makes this sobrasada from the from the loin and neck area (dewlap) of purebred Iberian pigs, otherwise known as pata negra.

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This raw, cured sausage from the Balearic Islands of Spain is made by combining ground pork with salt and other spices (in a pimentón paste), and can be described as a spreadable chorizo. But that’s a simplification. It has a mild spiced heat to it, a softness that makes it easy to chew. All this, combined with the fatty, nutty, juicy taste of acorn-fed Iberian pigs, makes sobrasada from Señorio de Montanera extra delicious.


Sobrasada is a great spreadable appetizer or standalone afternoon snack. A few slices of toasted bread, and you’re all set for a treat with a kick. Try it with a bit of honey or apricot jam for some sweetness to balance the spice. Because of its spreadability, you can use it atop grilled meats or vegetable dishes. Its vibrant red color makes it a welcome addition to any casserole—or even a tomato-based pasta. You might even enjoy a few spoonsful mixed into a hearty lentil stew, for both heat and a bit of fatty, meaty flavor. This is one charcuterie option that definitely calls for a cream sherry to bring out that savory flavor. For non-fortified reds, try a light Rioja or, for the bubble lovers, a glass or three of Cava Brut. For beer drinkers, the traditional Spanish pairing is a lovely cold lager to balance out the salt.


The story behind this soft charcuterie is integral to the history and culture of the Balearic Islands. From Sicily, the technique called “sopressa” came to the people as a way to stuff meat into casings. This applied especially after the Moors left Spain in the Middle Ages. In Mallorca (which is often called Majorca), in particular, the making of sobrasada became part of the autumn and winter festival of pig slaughter called “matança”. It marks the beginning of the time of year when preserved foods become vital to carry the population through the cooler months. When paprika reached the islands from the Americas, it added a new dimension to an already treasured type or charcuterie

Store your sobrasada at a temperature between 6 and 18ºC in a dark, cool, dry cupboard or pantry. All sausages undergo transformations in their color and flavor if exposed to light for periods of time. Cover the cut with a plastic film or wrap with a cotton cloth. We do not recommend refrigeration.

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