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Señorío de Montanera 100% Ibérico Bellota Morcilla

Smoky and Decadent

Mor­cil­la is Spain’s own ver­sion of the UK’s black pud­ding, made in the Extremadu­ra region from the meat of 100% pure­bred Iber­ian black pigs. Its dark col­oration and intense fla­vors are a treat for any tapas night.


Señorío de Montanera’s mor­cil­la is out­ra­geous­ly deca­dent, with a smok­i­ness of fla­vor rem­i­nis­cent of chori­zo and a but­tery feel at room tem­per­a­ture. Made in Extremadu­ra, home of some of the most excel­lent jamón ibéri­co in Spain, the meat and blood they use comes from pata negra fed straight from the acorn-rich dehe­sas. The sausage is spiced, piped into cas­ings, and cured for 30 days, which allows it to be served as it is or includ­ed in recipes.


Mor­cil­la can be eat­en as is, as part of your evening tapas offer­ings. Cut thick slices of it and enjoy a light meal with crusty bread, cor­ni­chons, and cheese. Tra­di­tion­al­ly, thick slices of mor­cil­la are fried up in a bit of olive oil in Span before serv­ing. Crum­bled, it is a favorite ingre­di­ent in stews like coci­do Madrileño, a stew of mixed meat, veg­eta­bles, and chick­peas, and in sim­mer­ing bean dish­es. Fry up some mor­cil­la with pota­toes and eggs — scram­bled, poached, or sun­ny side up — and you have a sim­ple but deli­cious Span­ish breakfast. 

Cham­pagnes rich in Pinot Noir like our Bil­le­cart Salmon Cham­pagne Brut Reserve can stand up to the intense taste of the mor­cil­la, and for a more region­al mix, choose a Tem­pranil­lo from Rio­ja. For the whisky-drinkers in the room, a fin­ger or three of well-aged Scotch will see you through just fine. 


Señorío de Mon­tan­era brings togeth­er more than 60 farm­ers in the holm oak and cork oak dehe­sas of Extremadu­ra, Andalu­sia, and the Por­tuguese Alen­te­jo, where they raise pure Iber­ian black pigs. They are the largest pro­duc­er of DOP-grade jamón ibéri­co in Extremadu­ra. Using tra­di­tion­al meth­ods, the pigs are raised in Mon­tan­era, feed­ing on on grass and acorns in the dehe­sa, dou­bling their weight and result­ing in a prod­uct of excel­lent qual­i­ty, juici­ness, aro­ma, and fla­vor. Today, Señorío de Mon­tan­era has the pro­fes­sion­al recog­ni­tion of great chefs and restau­ra­teurs all over the world.

Storage Instructions

This type of sausage may be stored for up to 6 weeks (if whole) in your pantry and indef­i­nite­ly in the refrig­er­a­tor (whole or in vac­u­um-packed slices). After open­ing, they should be used with­in 3 weeks.

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