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Casa Rinaldi Salsa di Pomodorino

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Free of preservatives, and flavor additives, the Casa Rinaldi Salsa di Pomodorino is a delicious cherry tomato sauce that is versatile and full of flavor.
Emilia-Romagna Northern Italy


Made from the juiciest cherry tomatoes, these fruits are taken from the field and cooked immediately, ensuring that the sauce gets full taste of the sun-ripened fruits. This cherry tomato sauce has a sweet, slightly salty taste, with the tomatoes bringing a delicious freshness into the flavor.


The Casa Rinaldi Salsa di Pomodorino can be a ready-to-use tomato sauce, or tomato soup. Why not make a classic Pasta al Pomodoro? It’s a very easy, but very delicious dish.

  • Cook some pasta according to instruction.
  • While the pasta is cooking, sauté some garlic in a sauce pan with some extra virgin olive oil.
  • Add in your Casa Rinaldi Salsa di Pomodorino, some fresh basil leaves, and salt and pepper (to taste). Let simmer for a few minutes.
  • Add in your cooked pasta into the sauce, and add half a cup of pasta water.
  • With a pair of tongs, toss pasta in the sauce, ensuring that it gets completely coated. Keep tossing until liquid evaporates a little.
  • Sprinkle in some parmesan cheese; mix it in.
  • Serve.


Spanish conquistadors introduced tomatoes to Europe by bringing them in from Central and South America. But Pasta al Pomodoro as a dish only started becoming popular in 1837, when Ippolito Cavalcanti, a chef and author, published the first recipe for “vermicelli al pomodoro.”

Literally meaning “pasta with tomato sauce,” Pasta al Pomodoro has now become such a classic Italian dish, it’s basically part of the national identity.

Storage Instructions

Keeps well in the pantry. Once opened, store in the fridge. Consume within a week.

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