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Casa Rinaldi Potato Gnocchi

Classic Italian dumplings


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Technically not a pasta but a dumpling, potato gnocchi is a staple in Italian cuisine. Casa Rinaldi uses only the best ingredients, ensuring the most delicious meals.
Emilia-Romagna Northern Italy


Gnocchi is a classic part in Italian cuisine, and are dumplings, not pasta. The word “gnocco” translates to dumpling, actually. It’s made with potato, flour, and egg, boiled and prepared in a variety of ways. They’re traditionally served as “primi,” or the dish served prior to the meat or fish course.

They’re light and pillowy, and when cooked properly will be firm but chewy. They taste slightly like potato, but will shine well with any sauce.


The potato gnocchi by Casa Rinaldi is ready to cook. Simply boil them in water, and once they float to the surface, take them out. Don’t let them stay in the water too long; they’ll get mushy. You can serve with various sauces, the classic being brown butter and sage. You can try them with a cheese and thyme sauce, tomato sauce, or pesto.


The word gnocchi is believed to have been derived from the Italian word for a knot in wood, “nocchio,” or from “nocca,” which means knuckle. It has existed from the time of the Romans, and was originally made from a dough consisting only of flour and cold water. But in the 16th century, potatoes were introduced to Europe, and became an integral part of the gnocchi recipe.

There is a gnocchi recipe with tomato sauce that is known as “strangolapreti,” which translates literally to “strangle the priest.” It was named so because of a local priest who ate the gnocchi so fast that he choked on them.

Storage Instructions

Store your gnocchi in an airtight or vacuum-sealed container. Keep in a dark, dry area, like a cupboard or a pantry. Consume within 3 months.

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