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Urbani Tartufi Green Pesto and Truffles Sauce

Pesto made better


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A classic Genoese recipe made better by Urbani Tartufi. It has all the flavors you love about pesto, with the added layer of delicious truffle.
Umbria Northern Italy


Decadent truffles add a great layer of flavor to the Urbani Tartufi Green Pesto & Truffles Sauce. It’s earthy, nutty, garlicky, with that subtle enhancement that only truffle can give. It’s easy to use, and ready to be placed in any of your dishes.


The Urbani Tartufi Green Pesto & Truffles Sauce is ready to use on anything. Simply warm it up in a pan, and you can spread it on freshly toasted bread, topped with a slice of mozzarella. Or mix it up with your favorite pasta. It even goes great drizzled over grilled meats and fish.


Constantine Urbani began exporting fresh truffles in 1852, from Italy into France, and this birthed Urbani Tartufi, or Urbani Truffles. The exportation eventually expanded to Germany, Switzerland, and other countries.

His grandson, Carlo Urbani, and his wife Olga, were instrumental in turning Urbani Tartufi into the company it is today. They pioneered the cultivation of truffles in Italy, and placed focus on truffle hunters, and creating an internationally recognized business. This passion for truffles has been passed down to generations of Urbanis, and has cultivated a brand—a company, that has grown to heights Constantine could not have imagined.

The current generation of the Urbani family has put up the Truffle Museum, a Truffle Academy, an Urbani Travel and Tours, and various international branches vital to its continued growth. Their children are now learning and mastering the family business, all born with a love for truffle cultivation, and are poised to continue on the Urbani legacy.

Storage Instructions

Store in a cool, dry place, like the pantry or a cupboard. Unopened, it will last 24 months. Once opened, keep refrigerated, and consume within 12 months.

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