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Madama Oliva Black Leccino Pitted Olives

Firm, with a great bite


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An olive that has been around since the Middle Ages, the black Leccino Olive has a great bite. These ones from Madama Oliva are pitted, making them so easy to use and eat.
Abruzzo Southern Italy


Originally from central Italy but widely cultivated in the country, this olive is aromatic, with a deep red-brown color. The Madama Oliva Black Leccino Pitted Olives are small-ish in size, and are plump and juicy. They’re firm, with a great bite, with a sweet, mellow, sort of delicate taste.


The Black Leccino Pitted Olives from Madama Oliva are great as a snack, straight out of the jar. Combine them with some cheese and cured meats for appetizers or aperitifs. They’re also a great addition to meat and fish dishes.


It was in a small village just east of Rome that the Mancini family began their olive business. It was not an unusual venture, as the village of Castel Madama had a number of families selling black table olives. But the Mancinis sought to combine tradition with the ever-growing technological advancements, and thus, set themselves apart. It was in 1989 that the brand Madama Oliva was born, as a merger between Mancini and other olive producers in the area, and became not only a leading name in freshly packed olives, but also became the first export company in Italy to Japan and the United States.

Storage Instructions

Keeps well in the pantry. Once opened, store in the fridge. Consume within a week.

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