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Gallo Portugal Extra Virgin Olive Oil Moonlight Crop 500ml

Harvested Under The Moonlight

Gal­lo Por­tu­gal Extra Vir­gin Olive Oil Moon­light Crop is a fruity oil that has a clean taste and just a slight spici­ness. It’s pro­duced to be a pre­mi­um olive oil. 

Tast­ing Notes from the Curator

Gen­tler than the Gal­lo Portugal’s Reserve, Gal­lo Por­tu­gal Extra Vir­gin Olive Oil Moon­light Crop fills the kitchen with a spici­er aro­ma. Its fruity-spicy notes bring veg­eta­bles to life and makes meat more delicious. 


Driz­zle over or light­ly cook with white veg­eta­bles This oil is deli­cious with aspara­gus, zuc­chi­nis, and aubergines. Use this oil to make a per­fect­ly bal­anced rata­touille. It is also rec­om­mend­ed for pael­la valen­ciana. This oil is fruity and slight­ly sweet mak­ing it great oil to toast or pan­fry bread. 

Mag­ic Moment In Moonlight

How seri­ous is Gal­lo Por­tu­gal in bring­ing us the finest olive oil? Gal­lo Por­tu­gal Extra Vir­gin Olive Oil Moon­light Crop is cold pressed to pre­serve the qual­i­ty, fla­vor, and aro­ma. This prac­tice is not exclu­sive to this olive oil, what makes Gal­lo Por­tu­gal Extra Vir­gin Olive Oil Moon­light Crop spe­cial is the process of noc­tur­nal har­vest­ing. What the Iberi­ans found out long ago has been proven by mod­ern sci­ence; pick­ing olives at night when it is cool­er retains the qual­i­ty of the olive and makes for supe­ri­or olive oil. 

Found­ed in 1919, Gal­lo Por­tu­gal has been bring­ing us the finest olive prod­ucts for over 100 years. They’ve cho­sen to con­cen­trate on only a few prod­ucts, mak­ing sure the qual­i­ty of their olive oil is as good and often bet­ter than any you’ll find around the world. 

Storage Instructions

Store in a cool dry place. Con­sume by Octo­ber 2020.

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