Naked Bakery 24-hr & 36-hr Fermented
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Naked Bakery 12-hr & 36-hr Fermented Sourdough Breads

Founders' Favorite

Local-based Naked Bak­ery brings you the clas­sic sour­dough bread with ​“noth­ing to hide”. Fer­ment­ed with love for either 12 hours or 36 hours, this is sour­dough bread has attract­ed a steady pop­u­lar­i­ty over bread lovers who just wan­na have some­thing sim­ply of good qual­i­ty. Offered to you through The Bow Tie Duck in exclu­sive 20% big­ger sizes!

Tast­ing Notes from the Curator

There’s much to be said about the sour­dough bread from the Naked Bak­ery because it hits close to home. 

Dis­cov­ered by the Bow Tie Duck founders over Insta­gram dur­ing the height of 2020 quar­an­tine peri­od, Naked Bakery’s goods attract the eye for the their dis­tinct rus­tic look and beau­ti­ful irreg­u­lar­i­ty. No loaf ever looks exact­ly the same but we enjoy this most of all because its allows you to embrace its home­ly feel. It’s akin to the feel­ing of get­ting fresh­ly baked bread pop­ping from your own home oven, only bet­ter. It makes you feel at home!

We’ve fol­lowed the Local Bread­man behind Naked Bak­ery over the past months and have seen how his qual­i­ty of bread has been con­stant­ly improv­ing. The crust: crispy and packs a crunch upon first slice. Slice it open and you find beau­ti­ful and well-spaced air pock­ets. The taste: a dis­tinct sour­dough tang, some­thing most sour­dough breads tend to miss these days. A sign of nat­ur­al fer­men­ta­tion is key! 

The Naked Bak­ery offers two very dis­tinct vari­ants, both of which are 20% big­ger than usu­al breads being offered at The Naked Bak­ery. An exclu­sive offer only avail­able at The Bow Tie Duck:

  • 12-hr Fer­ment­ed Sour­dough Bread — Fer­ment­ed with love for 12 good hours. The clas­sic sour­dough enjoyed by many. 
  • 36-hr Fer­ment­ed Sour­dough Bread — Fer­ment­ed for a good 36 hours.. Longer fer­ment­ed bread packs more depth in fla­vor. More notice­able sour­dough taste. 

We’ll let you in on a lit­tle secret: We don’t ever regret fin­ish­ing an entire loaf upon arrival. 


Tried and test­ed, this both fer­ment­ed sour­dough breads is best paired with everyone’s favorite ÉchirĂ© but­ter. If you’re up to adding a bit of sweet­ness, take a pic from our selec­tion of Helios Nat­ur­al Jams

Feel­ing exper­i­men­tal, try this sour­dough bread when mak­ing Croque Mon­sieur with an abun­dance of cheese!

Bread of Unadul­ter­at­ed Qual­i­ty and Freshness

This tried and test­ed prod­uct by the mem­ber of The Bow Tie Duck is a sure win. These Naked Loaves are baked fresh for you on the morn­ing of intend­ed deliv­ery date. To pre­serve the qual­i­ty of breads when it arrives to you, please make sure that you are able to receive the breads on intend­ed day of arrival. Shall there be any unavail­abilty, we’d be hap­py to sort out a new date for you. Kind­ly coor­di­nate with our Support. 

  • 12-hr Fer­ment­ed Sour­dough Bread is avail­able for pre-order and deliv­ered on either Tues­days or Thursdays
  • 36-hr Fer­ment­ed Sour­dough Bread is avail­able for pre-order and deliv­ered on Tues­days only.

Storage Instructions

Baked fresh on Tues­day and Thurs­day morn­ings. Best con­sumed upon arrival, but you can store it on the kitchen counter at room tem­per­a­ture for up to two days. If you’ve sliced into it, you can leave it cut side down on the chop­ping board. You may also place the sliced loaf in a ceram­ic bread box or a clean paper bag. Nev­er store bread in the refrig­er­a­tor, or else it will dry out. By the third day, you can place the bread in a large ziplock bag, but please note that the crust will soft­en and your bread will require toast­ing to refresh it. For stor­age up to three months in the freez­er, wrap your bread in parch­ment paper and place it back in the ziplock bag.

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