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Échiré Butter AOP

The French Queen of Butters

Regard­ed as the world’s most exclu­sive and expen­sive but­ter that shares the same appel­la­tion sta­tus as that of cham­pagne. Comes in Demi Sel (Salt­ed) 250g and 5kg vari­ants as well as Doux (Unsalt­ed) 250g. 

Tast­ing Notes from the Curator

Échiré butter’s appeal lies in its del­i­cate, creamy and dis­tinct fla­vor – a recipe that has stayed true to its roots since 1894, made at the same inde­pen­dent dairy near the cities of Poitiers and La Rochelle in West­ern France. It con­tains more but­ter­fat (82%) than nor­mal but­ters and has a high­er melt­ing point. This trait makes it espe­cial­ly good for del­i­ca­cies such as crois­sants or puff pas­try, which need rolling out sev­er­al times. 

This but­ter presents itself pale in colour: the very light yel­low of prim­rose petals. Its tex­ture is also firmer than nor­mal but­ter, but sup­pler and not as greasy.

Culi­nary experts pre­fer to pur­chase this but­ter in huge slabs or amounts because the less it is inter­fered with, the bet­ter it tastes. But­ter should be kept in the fridge at all times. Stor­ing it at room tem­per­a­ture may make it eas­i­er to spread, but just a few degrees’ fluc­tu­a­tion will com­pro­mise the taste. 


Use as is. This high­ly regard­ed but­ter is per­fect for cook­ing, bak­ing or even plain­ly spread­ing on your favorite bread. 

High Qual­i­ty Pro­duc­tion to Cult Status

The milk used to pro­duce Échiré but­ter comes from 66 farms, all with­in a 50 km cir­cum­fer­ence. The cows enjoy the same grass and cli­mate. With Échiré but­ter the area of ori­gin is so defined, its flavour is trace­able and dis­tinct. Échiré is pro­duced with a huge amount of care and atten­tion to detail, but the fact that it is from a small area in France comes across when you eat it. You can taste the difference. 

Han­dling of the but­ter is also kept to a min­i­mum to pre­serve its qual­i­ty. Hav­ing it han­dled and pro­duced by hand helps lessen any dam­ag­ing impact to the butter. 

Échiré but­ter is high­ly renowned inter­na­tion­al­ly, so much so that many of the top bak­eries, pâtis­series, and restau­rants use this but­ter exclu­sive­ly. There are even two shops in Japan, Mai­son du Beurre in Tokyo and Marché au Beurre in Osa­ka devot­ed to sell­ing Échiré – and only Échiré. Its cult sta­tus ensures that the pure-but­ter crois­sants, made in-house, sell out before lunch.

Échiré But­ter has held an Appel­la­tion d’Origine Pro­tégée (AOP) sta­tus since 1992 and is cer­ti­fied Non-GMO. 

A Bow Tie Duck Privilege

It is with great hon­or that The Bow Tie Duck was giv­en to priv­i­lege to car­ry this but­ter exclu­sive­ly dur­ing its prime launch in Mani­la last 2020 and to this day, is sourced direct­ly and only from the Échiré fac­to­ry in France. As we get them direct from source, Échiré but­ters from The Bow Tie Duck are assured to be of prime qual­i­ty with prop­er con­sid­er­a­tion and respect to pro­duc­tion and best before dates before deliv­ered to you. They are reg­u­lar­ly air-flown from France and stored in best con­di­tions to make sure they are of best qual­i­ty once you receive them. 

This but­ter is one of The Bow Tie Duck’s best sell­ing items and has suc­cess­ful­ly changed the per­cep­tion of both the Fil­ipinos and the first-time Échiré buy­ers and has led them towards a well-round­ed appre­ci­a­tion for good-qual­i­ty, grass-fed cow milk but­ter sourced from France. Noth­ing can beat the Queen of Butters!

Storage Instructions

Con­sult the best before date indi­cat­ed on our vari­ants, pri­or to order­ing. The real shelf life of the Échiré But­ter is 2 months, pro­vid­ed they are kept refrig­er­at­ed. Shelf life can be pro­longed fur­ther by freezing.