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Jean Brunet Quail Pâté with Raisins

Impeccably, Assertively Tasteful

Jean Brunet has been pro­duc­ing duck and goose prod­ucts for years, and now lends his expert hand to incor­po­rat­ing oth­er fowl into his reper­toire. This pâté, as with all his oth­er cre­ations, is free from both col­or­ing agents and preser­v­a­tives to retain its nat­ur­al taste.


Made from a mix of quail meat, pork cuts, and chick­en liv­er, this pâté tastes gami­er, more assertive than chick­en meat with­out being over­whelm­ing. This nat­ur­al fla­vor­ful­ness is com­ple­ment­ed by the addi­tion of autum­nal spices — nut­meg most promi­nent — and the con­cen­trat­ed sweet­ness of raisins. It is a unique blend, one sure to keep guests guess­ing — and reach­ing for more. 


This pâté is per­fect as an appe­tiz­er to a sal­ad or with fresh baguette, fresh or dried fruits, and a glass of wine. We like to round off our meal with a glass or three of Les Volets Pinot Noir. Some of your oth­er choic­es with low to mod­er­ate tan­nins and buoy­ant fruiti­ness are Mer­lot and French Beau­jo­lais. If you pre­fer white wines, the crisp­ness of a mild­ly oaky Chardon­nay will suit perfectly. 


A pâté, strict­ly speak­ing, is a meat mix­ture baked in pas­try. Ter­rines were once just a ver­sion of them that took their name from the deep rec­tan­gu­lar ves­sels they were baked in. How­ev­er, the line between the two dish­es has blurred over time, since the heavy, pas­try-encased pâtés have gone out of fash­ion in culi­nary cir­cles. Today, we con­sid­er rich, smooth, spread­able liv­er-and-but­ter-based prepa­ra­tions as pâté’ and ter­rines as their more rus­tic equivalent.

Storage Instructions

Store unopened con­tain­ers of pâté in a cool, dry panty. Once opened, pâté will keep three to four days in the refrig­er­a­tor. It can also be frozen for up to two months, though we rec­om­mend you con­sume it as soon as possible!

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