Delivery to: Metro Manila
Delivery to: Metro Manila
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Cinco Jotas Traditional-Carved 100% Iberico Ham

Most Exclusive Ham in The World


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Straight from Jabugo in Sierra de Huelva, Spain, this handcarved black-label jamón ibérico will be the talk of your dinner parties. It is the pleasure of the dehesas brought straight to your table.

Tasting Notes from the Curator

Delicious Cinco Jotas Acorn-fed 100% Ibérico Ham, comveniently sliced and stored in individual packets of 40 g. The convenient packaging by slice brings all the convenience of a pre-sliced product without sacrificing any of the exceptional flavour. Make your life simple and enjoy this is a 100% healthy product, an indispensable part of the Mediterranean diet.

Preparation and Pairings

Did you know that Cinco Jotas recommends a ‚ÄúHam Ceremony‚ÄĚ to ensure you are able to savor this unique ham in its very best? It is advised that it be easten as if recently hand carved by our Master Carvers in Jabugo, To achieve this:

  • Before opening the bag, submerge it for a few seconds in warm water to more easily separate the rashers.
  • Once open, the ham should remain on the plate at room temperature for about 15 minutes before eating to reach the ideal 24¬ļC.
  • Use your fingers to eat it rather than with utensils.

Pair with a celebratory sparkling wine such as Bohigas Brut Reserva Cava.


The Cinco Jotas company has been producing jam√≥n ib√©rico in Jabugo since 1879. The dehesas there have been home to the famed pata negra for hundreds of years, an unparalleled setting that has provided the animals with their favorite food‚ÄĒand the central key to their unique flavor: the acorn.

Because of their exquisite location, Cinco Jotas’s cellars are able to maintain the perfect balance of humidity and temperature to bring their hams and other products to full potential. Each and every single product ships out from there with a stamp of superlative quality.

Storage Instructions

Vacuum-sealed packs of hand-carved cured meats can last up to five months in the refrigerator (never the freezer). Once the pack is opened, they’re best enjoyed within the day.

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