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El Maragato Alubia Fabada Gigante

Legumes from León


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These fabada beans, or fabes, from El Maragato are taken from León, Spain, and are large and perfect for cooking.
Castile and León Northern Spain


These El Maragato Fabada Beans hail from León in Spain, which has the most fertile lands, perfect for the planting and propagating of legumes.

The fabada beans (sometimes called fabes), are white beans that are large in size and kidney-shaped. They have a short and broad appearance, with a slightly flattened grain.

When cooked, they become extra buttery and tender.


The most common way to prepare fabes is, of course, the fabada. It’s a type of pork and bean stew originating from the Principality of Asturias, but is widely available and consumed throughout the entirety of Spain.

A dish similar to the fabada is the French cassoulet, which is prepared in much the same way with the same ingredients, except for the inclusion of a cup of red wine. Both dishes are delicious and hearty, and perfect for cold nights.


El Maragato is a company found between Astorga and Castrillo de los Polvazares in the region of La Maragatería. They’ve selected and packaged the tastiest and most tender legumes from León for more than 25 years.

La Maragatería refers to the group of towns that have history dating back to ancient times—as far back as the Roman era, of contributing greatly to the development and trade of Spain.

Storage Instructions

Storage in pantry will suffice. Once cooked, store in fridge and consume within a week from cooking.

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