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Korean Snow Pear

Sweet and juicy


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With an appearance resembling an apple more than Western pears, the Korean snow pear is large and succulent, and is a refreshing snack or dessert.


The Korean Pear is a big, fragrant fruit. It’s larger and rounder than other pears, with a look similar to an apple but with a brownish skin. It’s crisper and tastier than its Western counterparts, with a sweet, juicy, translucent flesh that has a slight tartness near the core.


Korean Pears are usually peeled and enjoyed as is for a refreshing snack. You can also cut it up in cubes and toss it in salads. Their juices are often used in bulgogi and galbi marinades.


The fruit is known as “bae” in Korea, and it is widely cultivated and consumed. Growing Asian pears is time-consuming, and the fruit is easily bruised by rough handling, packing, or selecting, thus they must be packed individually or in soft trays similar to eggs. As a result, these pears can be rather costly, and are commonly given as gifts or served to guests among Koreans and other East Asians. Many people look forward to receiving this tasty and nutritious present. It is often favored over sugary candies and chocolates.

Storage Instructions

Wrap your Korean pears in newspaper, and store them in the refrigerator. You can also cut them up, and keep in an airtight container. Consume within 1 week.

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