Extra Natural Helios Jams in Hexagonal Jars 330g

All-Natural Sweetness

A leading brand of jams and sweet preserves since 1901, Helios is a household name synonymous to sourcing the freshest, sweetest fruits and produce, responsible sourced from local farmers. Helios’s jams and spreads are all-natural, gluten-free, and contain no additional coloring, additives or preservatives.

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Extra Natural Helios Jams in Hexagonal Jars are 100% all-natural. Only three ingredients are needed to produce this delectable preserve–fresh fruits, brown cane sugar, and lemon juice that adds a depth of citrusy flavor (lemon contains pectin, a natural thickening agent that melds and transforms fruits and sugar).

The selection includes:

  • Helios Blueberry (Arandano) - Made with the finest selection of blueberries from Andalucia, Spain. Expect a fruity concoction and wonderfully thick, gooey blueberry preserve

  • Helios Black Figs (Higo Negro)- Made with 57% of delectable figs. Relish in the playful dance of textures between the luscious figs

  • Strawberry (Fresa) - Made with 59% strawberries. Sweet, tart, and delicious.

  • Raspberry (Frambuesa) - Enjoy 56% raspberries. Less tart than blackberries. A burst of tart flavor in your mouth.

  • Peach (Melocoton) - 59% of peaches in each jar. An acidic tang coupled with a sweet floral taste.


Perfect to liven up even a simple coffee and toast breakfast, Helios Jams are a sure way to sweeten up your breakfast muffins, PB&J sandwich, or even french toasts.

Craving sweet treats? It’s irresistible with any recipe that calls for fruit compote or jam, as well!

Indulge in a creamy, fruit cheesecake for dessert, jazz up your next family gathering with a sweet crepe dessert with warm Helios jam, and a dollop of Échiré Crème Fraîche, or have a cookie baking day with the kids with a simple blueberry jam thumbprint cookie recipe.

Want to enjoy this the simple way? Have a go at your favorite sourdough bread or baguette, slather the french queen of butter that is Echire and including a dollop of your Helios jam of choice.

Spain’s Leading Name in All-Natural Goodness

What began as a grandfather and grandson creating sweatmeats in their small house in Valadolid, Spain during the early 20th century, Helios built a name for itself as one of the largest fruit and jam producer in Southern Europe.

Deliciously fresh and irresistibly sweet, Helios has been perfecting the art of creating premium, quality jams, marmalade and fruit preserves that burst with natural goodness in every bottle!

Store in a cool dry place. Keep in fridge after opening.

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