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Échiré Crème Fraîche 200ml

Thick, High-Quality Cream

Loved by some of the great­est chefs, this Crème Fraîche is made by the best ingre­di­ents from the finest pro­duc­er that is Échiré.

Tast­ing Notes from the Curator

Often com­pared to sour cream, Crème Fraîche is the pre­mi­um ver­sion, often added to a vari­ety of dish­es to add rich­ness and for the tangy fla­vor. In France, Crème Fraîche was tra­di­tion­al­ly made from unpas­teur­ized cream that nat­u­ral­ly con­tained the right bac­te­ria to thick­en it. Since our cream is pas­teur­ized here, crème fraîche is now made by adding fer­ment­ing agents with the nec­es­sary bac­te­ria to cream.

Crème Fraîche from Échiré has a fat con­tent of 38% and does not con­tain any added thick­en­ers. It is rich in fla­vor and less tangy than sour cream which tends to over­pow­er dish­es at times. 


Due to its fat con­tent, Crème Fraîche can with­stand sim­mer­ing or boil­ing with­out it cur­dling. Add to sauces or soups dur­ing the cook­ing process. Some also use it for sal­ad or as a topping. 

Qual­i­ty Dairy Pro­duc­er since 1891

Échiré dairy was found­ed in 1891 by Mr. du Dres­nay in the out­hous­es of a build­ing sit­u­at­ed on the banks of the Sèvre Nior­taise Riv­er, right in the heart of the vil­lage. The dairy became a coop­er­a­tive in 1894. The spring which sup­plied the munic­i­pal wash house also sup­port­ed the needs of the dairy and ever since its foun­da­tion, the dairy has been sole­ly ded­i­cat­ed to pro­duc­ing but­ter and creams renowned for its quality. 

Storage Instructions

Store in fridge. Con­sume no more than 3 days after opening. 

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