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G.D. Vajra Moscato D'Asti

Italian Lushness

A very del­i­cate and light­ly sparkling Mosca­to from the Asti Region in Pied­mont, Italy. Each drink gives off a soft, lush and fresh mousse that expands in the mouth to dis­play the love­ly char­ac­ter of sweet and tart fruits. Nat­ur­al grape sweet­ness com­bined with a love­ly smooth fizz is just the kind of drink you’d have in hand as you relax into the after­noon or ear­ly evening.

Notes from the Tast­ing Curator

Fresh and fra­grant, this foam­ing dessert wine opens with aro­mas of orange blos­som, chopped herb and ripe orchard fruit. The bright, gen­er­ous palate brings out juicy yel­low peach, apri­cot, pears and lemon drops along­side fresh acid­i­ty and a hint of min­er­al. A sage note clos­es the finish.


G.D. Vajra Mosca­to D’Asti makes an excel­lent accom­pa­ni­ment to cakes and desserts with fruit such as fruit­cake and almond cake. It is often dif­fi­cult to pair with a main course due to its promi­nent sweet fruity essence but the sparkling wine has had its way with salty hors d’oeurvers and even sweet brunch dish­es like waf­fles. It used to be served as a break­fast drink in Pied­mont, after all. 

Con­sis­tent Excellence

The Mosca­to D’Asti is made with grapes grown in two vine­yards in Man­go (Riforno and San Dona­to) and one in San­to Ste­fano Bel­bo (Mon­cuc­co), both Grand Cru areas for Mosca­to Bian­co. Made of 100% Mosca­to, the fer­men­ta­tion is stopped halfway point to pre­serve the grape’s nat­ur­al sweet­ness and gen­tle fizz. As per crit­ics, the 2017 Vin­tage is said to be one of the best pro­duced, and even at that, year by year, G.D. Vajra’s Mosca­to D’Asti has proven to be one of the best and most sought after of the denomination. 

Storage Instructions

Fine sparkling wine must be han­dled with care. For short-term stor­age (a few days to a month), you can keep your bot­tle upright — but away from bright or arti­fi­cial light. For long-term stor­age, espe­cial­ly for vin­tage cuvĂ©es, you must store the bot­tles on their side in a wine rack or cel­lar to keep the cork from dry­ing out. The ide­al tem­per­a­ture for stor­age is between 7 to 10°C. Once opened, a bot­tle will be good for 1 to 3 days stand­ing upright in the refrigerator.

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