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Billecart Salmon - Champagne Brut Reserve

A Harmonious Balance

Bil¬≠le¬≠cart Salmon‚Äôs Brut R√©serve is a light, sub¬≠tle Cham¬≠pagne. A blend of three dif¬≠fer¬≠ent grapes, it is ide¬≠al as an ap√©ri¬≠tif and as an accom¬≠pa¬≠ni¬≠ment through¬≠out a meal.


This cuv√©e is a fine, del¬≠i¬≠cate blend of Pinot Noir, Chardon¬≠nay, and Pinot Meu¬≠nier grapes from three dif¬≠fer¬≠ent har¬≠vest years in Cham¬≠pagne, France. It pours out in a beau¬≠ti¬≠ful straw gold col¬≠or, with slow-ris¬≠ing bub¬≠bles and a plen¬≠ti¬≠ful mousse. It strad¬≠dles a mature strength and light flo¬≠ral qual¬≠i¬≠ty in its aro¬≠ma, result¬≠ing in notes of ripe pears and oth¬≠er crisp, fresh fruit. Its full fla¬≠vor and rich bou¬≠quet are a tes¬≠ta¬≠ment to the care¬≠ful aging process in the cel¬≠lars of Bil¬≠le¬≠cart Salmon. 


Brut Cham¬≠pagnes are gen¬≠er¬≠al¬≠ly con¬≠sid¬≠ered ver¬≠sa¬≠tile wines for meal¬≠time, not just for spe¬≠cial occa¬≠sions. They‚Äôre as per¬≠fect for caviar nights as they are for scram¬≠bled egg break¬≠fasts, but¬≠ter-drenched seafoods, and even plain, salt¬≠ed pop¬≠corn. The high acid¬≠i¬≠ty and car¬≠bon¬≠a¬≠tion work in deli¬≠cious har¬≠mo¬≠ny with fats and oils. While the dry¬≠ness of Bruts does not typ¬≠i¬≠cal¬≠ly make them gen¬≠er¬≠al dessert drinks, their acid¬≠i¬≠ty pairs sur¬≠pris¬≠ing¬≠ly well with short¬≠bread cook¬≠ies. Of course, to expe¬≠ri¬≠ence your Cham¬≠pagne to the fullest, switch out your flute for a white wine glass or a classy Gats¬≠by-esque coupe!


The prop¬≠er¬≠ty of Bil¬≠le¬≠cart Salmon has been around since the 17th cen¬≠tu¬≠ry and was updat¬≠ed in the 19th. Through all this time, the two kilo¬≠me¬≠ters of chalk-lined cel¬≠lars have sur¬≠vived to become a per¬≠ma¬≠nent part of the House‚Äôs aging process. Non-vin¬≠tage wines spend three to four years in those cel¬≠lars, twice as long as the fixed reg¬≠u¬≠la¬≠tions of the appel¬≠la¬≠tion. Vin¬≠tage cuv√©es mature over the course of 10 years, allow¬≠ing the patient crawl of time and silence to play a role in the cre¬≠ation of their Champagnes.

Storage Instructions

Fine sparkling wine must be han¬≠dled with care. For short-term stor¬≠age (a few days to a month), you can keep your bot¬≠tle upright‚ÄČ‚ÄĒ‚ÄČbut away from bright or arti¬≠fi¬≠cial light. For long-term stor¬≠age, espe¬≠cial¬≠ly for vin¬≠tage cuv√©es, you must store the bot¬≠tles on their side in a wine rack or cel¬≠lar to keep the cork from dry¬≠ing out. The ide¬≠al tem¬≠per¬≠a¬≠ture for stor¬≠age is between 7 to 10¬įC. Once opened, a bot¬≠tle will be good for 1 to 3 days stand¬≠ing upright in the refrigerator.

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