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Naked Bakery Sourdough Bread

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Local-based Naked Bakery brings you the classic sourdough bread with "nothing to hide". Fermented with love for either 12 hours or 36 hours, this is sourdough bread has attracted a steady popularity over bread lovers who just wanna have something simply of good quality.

Tasting Notes from the Curator

There’s much to be said about the sourdough bread from the Naked Bakery because it hits close to home.

Discovered by the Bow Tie Duck founders over Instagram during the height of 2020 quarantine period, Naked Bakery’s goods attract the eye for the their distinct rustic look and beautiful irregularity. No loaf ever looks exactly the same but we enjoy this most of all because its allows you to embrace its homely feel. It’s akin to the feeling of getting freshly baked bread popping from your own home oven, only better. It makes you feel at home!

We’ve followed the Local Breadman behind Naked Bakery over the past months and have seen how his quality of bread has been constantly improving. The crust: crispy and packs a crunch upon first slice. Slice it open and you find beautiful and well-spaced air pockets. The taste: a distinct sourdough tang, something most sourdough breads tend to miss these days. A sign of natural fermentation is key!

The Naked Bakery offers two very distinct variants, both of which are 20% bigger than usual breads being offered at The Naked Bakery. An exclusive offer only available at The Bow Tie Duck:

  • 12-hr Fermented Sourdough Bread - Fermented with love for 12 good hours. The classic sourdough enjoyed by many.
  • 36-hr Fermented Sourdough Bread - Fermented for a good 36 hours.. Longer fermented bread packs more depth in flavor. More noticeable sourdough taste.

Also now offering a new variant for those with special dietary restrictions:

  • 12-hr Fermented Sodium-free Sourdough Bread - Classic Sourdough without salt.

We’ll let you in on a little secret: We don’t ever regret finishing an entire loaf upon arrival.


Tried and tested, this both fermented sourdough breads is best paired with everyone’s favorite Échiré butter. If you’re up to adding a bit of sweetness, take a pic from our selection of Helios Natural Jams

Feeling experimental, try this sourdough bread when making Croque Monsieur with an abundance of cheese!

Bread of Unadulterated Quality and Freshness

This tried and tested product by the member of The Bow Tie Duck is a sure win. These Naked Loaves are baked fresh for you on the morning of intended delivery date. To preserve the quality of breads when it arrives to you, please make sure that you are able to receive the breads on intended day of arrival. Shall there be any unavailabilty, we’d be happy to sort out a new date for you. Kindly coordinate with our Support.

  • 12-hr Fermented Sourdough Bread is available for pre-order and delivered from Tuesdays to Saturdays.
  • 36-hr Fermented Sourdough Bread is available for pre-order and delivered on Tuesdays only.
  • 12-hr Fermented Sodium-free Sourdough Bread is available for pre-order and delivered on Wednesdays only.

Storage Instructions

Baked fresh on morning of expected delivery day. Best consumed upon arrival, but you can store it on the kitchen counter at room temperature for up to two days. If you’ve sliced into it, you can leave it cut side down on the chopping board. You may also place the sliced loaf in a ceramic bread box or a clean paper bag. Never store bread in the refrigerator, or else it will dry out. By the third day, you can place the bread in a large ziplock bag, but please note that the crust will soften and your bread will require toasting to refresh it. For storage up to three months in the freezer, wrap your bread in parchment paper and place it back in the ziplock bag.

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