Dalawang Milkmen Greek Yogurt Collection

A pure and well-balanced treat

In hopes to make an impact in the dairy industry whilst pursuing their own business venture in the Philippines, two Frenchmen, David & Thibault explore the wonders of yogurt production. What started as a humble stint sold in weekend markets in Makati, Dalawang Milkmen has evolved over the years and is now gracing The Bow Tie Duck line up. Made available to you on The Bow Tie Duck’s Express Delivery!

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Tasting Notes from the Curator

“Greek Yogurt” is commonly known as a thick yogurt with a touch of sourness. Dalawang Milkmen’s Greek Yogurt is made from whole cow’s milk and is free from any preservatives or stabilizers. A pure & well-balanced mix between milk and live culture (Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus) to be enjoyed with or without a wonderful layer of premium jams.

The jams use are locally made and have no artificial color or flavor. What you get is simply the natural taste of the fruits turned into jam.

Offered in sets of 2 pcs, Dalawang Milkmen offers 6 Greek Yogurt flavors to choose from:

  • Sweetened - Freshly made Greek Yogurt slightly sweetened with cane sugar for a less sour yet still very refreshing taste!
  • Unsweetened - Freshly made Greek Yogurt. All-natural, it’s the favorite of many yogurt lovers. Unleash your creativity and make your own mix at home!
  • Raspberry - Freshly made Greek Yogurt with a wonderful layer of Raspberry Jam. Less famous than Mango and Strawberry, raspberries have a delicious and refined taste that is simply beautiful as a jam and a great mix with our yogurt!
  • Strawberry - Freshly made Greek Yogurt with a delectable layer of Strawberry Jam. This notorious red fruit is a perfect mix with our yogurt!
  • Mango - Freshly made Greek Yogurt with an indulging layer of Mango Jam. Our most local of all with mangoes from the Philippines and our historic best seller!
  • Guava - Freshly made Greek Yogurt with unique and sweet Guava Jam. Some people consider guava tasting of a hybrid mix of strawberry and a pear.


There’s little to be said about the best way to enjoy Dalawang Milkmen Greek Yogurts only because they are good enough to it on their own. If you’re feeling a bit indulgent, feel free to mix in you favorite oat mix and dried fruits.

Humble Sweet Beginnings

David & Thibault, the “Dalawang Milkmen”, arrived in the Philippines in 2015 and 2016 respectively working for French multinationals.

They have worked and evolved several years within this multinational corporate environment and after very exciting years in this world, they both wanted to try out something new, something that would be meaningful to them and to their vision and values. The temptation of entrepreneurship was there and growing.

One of the very first pillars that helped spark this venture was their willingness to work with local players and stakeholders. In a market where there are more imported goods coming in, they had set a goal that is driven towards boosting the local dairy industry. They started to meet some people in this field starting with the NDA (National Dairy Authority) who then introduced them to some farmers and a cooperative.

With much patience of working with local parties, gathering feedback from the end-user on their products and with much experimentation, they launched their first yogurts. They started at Legazpi Sunday markets and Salcedo Saturday markets until finally evolving into having their own home delivery platform.

We are delighted to have Dalawang Milkmen grace The Bow Tie Duck with their delicious products that are creating a ripple in the local industry!

Your yogurts will arrive to you equipped with iced cooling packs. Immediately store your yogurt in the back portion of the fridge, never the door, at 4°C or below. Once out of the fridge, do consume it immediately! Do not leave yogurt at room temperature for more than 2 hours. Consume prior to best before date indicated on the bottle label.

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