Elmhurst Plant-based Milk - Barista Edition

Healthy for you, healthy for the planet

All of our Elmhurst Plant-based Milk options are vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, and kosher. They’re all incredibly healthy alternatives to traditional milk, and are exceptionally good for coffee drinks.

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Elmhurst Plant-based Milk all provide a great coffee experience, and will achieve superior foaming and steaming. They contain no carrageenan, no added oils, gums, or emulsifiers, and no artificial flavors.

We have three options for you to choose from: Cashew Milk

  • With a creamy, sweet flavor, cashew milk has a surprisingly subtle nutty flavor. It’s also loaded with nutrients, proteins, and healthy fats. A good source of copper, it helps the body’s natural production of collagen, and can help boost heart health and eye health. Oat Milk
  • The taste of oat milk is surprisingly similar to cow’s milk, but with an oat-y aftertaste, of course. It’s delicious; thicker and naturally sweeter than other non-dairy milks. It’s also dense with nutrients like fiber, protein, iron, and can help lower cholesterol levels. Almond Milk
  • Nuttier in taste than cashew milk, almond milk has a great creamy texture and a tasty flavor. It’s also low in calories, making it wonderful for weight loss and weight management. It’s a great source of calcium, and is high in vitamin E and antioxidants.


These Elmhurst Plant-based Milks are Barista Edition, making them absolutely perfect for your coffee. Use them when making your lattes and your cappuccinos. They’ll also be great for making homemade milk tea. But you could also use them for your breakfast cereal, smoothies, or to drink on their own.


Elmhurst was a dairy established in 1925, but which made a drastic reimagining only a few years ago. Henry Schwartz comes from a long line of dairy farmers; his family has been in the business for 90 years. But in 2016, he closed the last dairy, and the year later, 2017, he reappeared with a new Elmhurst.

From being a traditional dairy, it was now a completely plant milk company. Henry saw the decline in dairy consumption and the changing diet in the American people, and was intrigued. More people were adapting plant-based alternatives, and were more mindful of environmental impact. He was one of those people, and he wanted to make a lasting contribution.

Partnering with famous plant food scientist, Dr. Cheryl Mitchell, they helped bring her revolutionary HydroRelease™ to market. It’s a milling process that uses only water to separate natural components of grain, nut, and seed, and reassembling them as smooth and creamy beverage. It harnesses the full nutritional value of the original ingredient, without sacrificing on its quality.

These milks are shelf-stable, and do not need to be refrigerated until opened. Store in a cool, dry place, like your pantry. Once opened, refrigerate immediately, and consume within 7-10 days.

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