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La BrĂșjula N84 Squid in Olive Oil

The Tenderest Selection

Straight from Gali­cia, Spain, these baby squid are hand-picked and con­served in olive oil. As one of select few sus­tain­able arti­sanal can­ner­ies in the region, La BrĂșjula’s prod­ucts are of the finest quality.


The seas off the coast of Gali­cia are both cool and rich and nutri­ents, mak­ing them ide­al feed­ing grounds for all sorts of sea crea­tures. Fish­er­folk col­lect swathes of squid from this area, sep­a­rat­ing them after­wards accord­ing to size. The small­est ones, still at their whitest and ten­der­est, are hand-select­ed to ensure con­sis­ten­cy of qual­i­ty. These mild-tast­ing, slight­ly sweet and nut­ty spec­i­mens are cleaned, cooked, and then cov­ered in olive oil with a pinch of salt. 


Per­haps the most wide­ly known prepa­ra­tion for full-grown squid is cala­mares, but the ten­der baby squid is at its best when pre­pared much more sim­ply. SautĂ©ed with a lit­tle gar­lic and per­haps a bit of chili oil, they can be enjoyed with toast­ed bread and a sim­ple side of sal­ad. We like to serve them along­side Leyen­da Tesoros de Mar Gulas in Gar­lic Oil. Oth­er ways to enjoy their sweet ten­der­ness are to sear them with pars­ley and gar­lic or toss them in a pan with peas and prosciutto. 


At Con­ser­vas La BrĂșju­la, the cooks only use nat­ur­al ingre­di­ents when they pre­pare the seafood for can­ning. Sta­ples in their ros­ter are onions, pep­pers, and copi­ous amounts of olive oil. It’s the best of home cook­ing and del­i­cate dress­ing used in each con­serv­ing process. Sta­bi­liz­ers and oth­er addi­tives are tak­en off the table to ensure pre­serve the taste and tex­ture of their fruits from the sea.

Storage Instructions

Store your tin in a cool, dark, and dry pantry. Unopened, it will last up to 2 years. Once opened, con­sume your fish with­in one or two days and keep left­overs with the oil in a sealed con­tain­er in the fridge.

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