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Future Fresh Genovese Basil

For the perfect pesto

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Pesticide-free, and locally-grown, the fresh Genovese basil from Future Fresh is full of bold flavor and nutrients.


Sometimes known as the king of herbs, Genovese basil is a very fragrant, aromatic green. It has an intense, bold flavor, and a ton of anti-inflammatory properties. A common cooking herb and dish topping, Genovese basil is also famous for being the perfect pesto base.


A traditional Genoese sauce, pesto is used the world over. And it’s incredibly easy to make.

But first, a little tip. To ensure your pesto is the greenest it can be, keep everything cold. Put the blades and bowl of your food processor in the refrigerator for at least 20 minutes. Meanwhile, wash your basil leaves in cold water, and let them sit in a bowl of ice for about 3-4 minutes. It’s a little extra work, but it’ll be worth it.

  • Dry your fresh Genovese basil leaves with a kitchen towel and place them in your cooled food processor.
  • Add in garlic, pine nuts, and grated Parmigiano-Reggiano.
  • Chop in the food processor coarsely, then add salt and Pecorino Romano. Blend for about a minute.
  • Add extra virgin olive oil, and blend until desired consistency (make sure your pesto does not heat up).

You can store your Pesto Genovese in an airtight container. Use it in your pastas, or spread on toasted bread.


Future Fresh is a proudly Filipino venture, created out of frustration for the less than stellar quality of produce found on local supermarket shelves. The company specializes in locally-grown produce, and prides itself on their completely fresh vegetables. This is because they harvest just before dispatch, reducing travel time, and ensuring a longer shelf life.

These gamechangers built farm systems with controlled environment that result in hydroponically-grown, pesticide-free greens. Everything they provide is guaranteed high in quality, high in nutrients, and always completely fresh.

Storage Instructions

Your fresh produce will be stored in a resealable plastic ziplock bag. You will notice that there is air inside and this maintains a sort of internal atmosphere to keep your fresh produce in good condition.

Once opened, the produce will begin to age. The best way to keep it fresh for longer once opened is to keep it moisture-free.

Future Fresh produce have no wilted leaves or roots that may cause decay, so you need only wash them before cooking or consuming. With produce with high water content, like fresh rocket arugula, you can remove the excess moisture that might accumulate by lining the storage bag with a paper towel and resealing the bag again. Make sure to check on it mid-week, and replace the paper towel once it takes in too much moisture.

Done properly, this method can help your produce last to about a week max after opening of bag.

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Freshness Guaranteed

We ensure that all of our products are quality checked daily, stored in the most optimal conditions and delivered safely to you with proper refrigeration.

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