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Pecorino Romano DOP 250g

Authentically Italian

The name ​“pecori­no” means ​“ovine” or ​“of sheep” in Ital­ian Pecori­no Romano is made from the region of Lazio, Sar­dinia Italy. It is a favored cheese for authen­tic Ital­ian pas­ta dishes. 

Tast­ing Notes from The Curator

Authen­tic Pecori­no Romano is a term used to define Ital­ian cheeses made from 100% sheep’s milk. Oth­er coun­ter­parts that are not made in Italy are made from cows milk and can­not be authen­ti­cal­ly con­sid­ered as Pecori­no Romano. 

Pecori­no Romano is a hard type of cheese that has a fat con­tent of 50%. It’s tex­ture is crumbly dense, flaky and grainy. It has a nat­ur­al rind and its col­or is pale yel­low. It gives off a nut­ty and strong aro­ma with a fla­vor that is salty and sharp. 


Pecori­no Romano is the most pop­u­lar­ly used alter­na­tive to Parme­san cheese. In fact, a lot of authen­tic Ital­ian dish­es pre­fer Pecori­no Romano as the cheese of choice due to its hard tex­ture and saltiness. 

It makes an excel­lent grat­ing cheese over pas­ta dish­es, bread and baked casseroles. The famed Buca­ti­ni all’Amatriciana is a rec­om­mend­ed dish made with Pecori­no Romano, Buca­ti­ni Pas­ta, authen­tic guan­ciale and tomatoes. 

For rec­om­mend­ed wine pair­ings this dry and salty cheese is best paired with your sparkling wine or Cham­pagne of choice. Medi­um bod­ied red wines such as the Speri Valpo­li­cel­la also works well with this cheese. 

If you’re the beer type of per­son, indulge! You may pre­pare this cheese with light beer. 

Ancient type of cheese

Accord­ing to the Euro­pean Union law, Pecori­no Romano receives a Pro­tect­ed Des­ig­na­tion of Ori­gin cer­ti­fi­ca­tion mean­ing it can­not be made else­where or in any oth­er way in order to car­ry the name. 

As per the leg­is­la­tion on pro­duc­tion, Pecori­no Romano is allowed only in the islands of Sar­dinia, Lazio and in the Tus­can province of Gros­se­to. Vari­eties only dif­fer from each oth­er depend­ing on how much they have aged. 

The his­to­ry of Pecori­no Romano dates back to the Roman times when it was part of the sta­ple diet of sol­diers at war. Dry salt­ed by hand the Pecori­no Romano wheels get salt­ed numer­ous times to deliv­er a fab­u­lous taste. It is aged for at least 5 to 12 months and results in a dry and gran­u­lar tex­ture with a strong taste. Roman authors of the past have men­tioned about this cheese and its pro­duc­tion tech­nique in their works. 

At present Pecori­no Romano is still one of the most famous Ital­ian cheeses, espe­cial­ly out­side of Italy and remains to be a favorite for use in pas­ta dishes.

Storage Instructions

Store in a cool dry place. 

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