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Akitakomachi Musenmai (Japanese Milled, Wash-Free Rice)

Perfect rice, without rinsing


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A premium rice prized around Japan, this Akitakomachi (Musenmai) comes from the Iwate Prefecture in Japan, and has bouncy, soft grains.
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Akitakomachi (Musenmai) is a Japanese milled rice cultivated in the Akita Prefecture, and processed in Iwate. This is one of the most popular rice grains in Japan, introduced to the country some 15 years ago, and has since changed the game. Regular white rice needs to be rinsed to remove what is called the Hada Nuka (protective coating), but musenmai undergoes a special process without the use of chemicals, additives, or water to shave the Hada Nuka off.

This wash-free rice has a premium quality on the outset. It’s soft and wonderfully sticky, the way Japanese rice should be. The grains have a lighter taste and are smaller in size than other rice varieties, and are bouncy, with a nice bite and a nice shine once they are cooked.


The Akitakomachi (Musenmai) is perfect for rice bowls, sushi, onigiri, homemade bento boxes, and musubi.


This variety of rice, Akitakomachi, was named after Ono no Komachi, a famed Japanese waka poet. She was said to have been born in the Akita Prefecture, and was a pride of the area. She is counted among the six best waka poets of the Heian period, collectively known as the Rokkasen. She is also part of the 36 Poetry Immortals, a group selected by Fujiwara no Kinto, consisting of poets from the Nara, Asuka, and Heian periods whom he considered epitomes of Japanese poetic ability. Aside from her literary talent, she was also known for her unique beauty. In fact, in Japan, the word “komachi” is a modern synonym for feminine beauty.

Storage Instructions

Store in an airtight container away from heat, light, and moisture.

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