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Jean Brunet Quail Pâté with Raisins

Impeccably, Assertively Tasteful


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Jean Brunet has been producing duck and goose products for years, and now lends his expert hand to incorporating other fowl into his repertoire. This pâté, as with all his other creations, is free from both coloring agents and preservatives to retain its natural taste.
Pyrénées Atlantiques Southwest of France


Made from a mix of quail meat, pork cuts, and chicken liver, this pâté tastes gamier, more assertive than chicken meat without being overwhelming. This natural flavorfulness is complemented by the addition of autumnal spices—nutmeg most prominent—and the concentrated sweetness of raisins. It is a unique blend, one sure to keep guests guessing—and reaching for more.


This pâté is perfect as an appetizer to a salad or with fresh baguette, fresh or dried fruits, and a glass of wine. We like to round off our meal with a glass or three of Les Volets Pinot Noir. Some of your other choices with low to moderate tannins and buoyant fruitiness are Merlot and French Beaujolais. If you prefer white wines, the crispness of a mildly oaky Chardonnay will suit perfectly.


A pâté, strictly speaking, is a meat mixture baked in pastry. Terrines were once just a version of them that took their name from the deep rectangular vessels they were baked in. However, the line between the two dishes has blurred over time, since the heavy, pastry-encased pâtés have gone out of fashion in culinary circles. Today, we consider rich, smooth, spreadable liver-and-butter-based preparations as ‘pâté’ and terrines as their more rustic equivalent.

Storage Instructions

Store unopened containers of pâté in a cool, dry panty. Once opened, pâté will keep three to four days in the refrigerator. It can also be frozen for up to two months, though we recommend you consume it as soon as possible!

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